Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tin Soldier: Day 2 Batreps and Photo's

Day 2 looked like a challenging day with a mash of hard armies sharking it around the leader board. I drew Ryan who is a great friend and rival through the years. We met at the 2nd Tin soldier way back in the hay day about 5 years ago and have had healthy competitive games ever since. Ryan had Warriors and certainly the advantage in army lists going into the battle. He also had the weight of expectation of the Internets as well, with the Daemon Prince summing up to greater than anything put before it. It is unbreakable I'll grant it (but not if it's dead!).

Game 4: Ryan Simister :Warriors of Chaos.

We lined up armies and Ryan had massed his forces in deployment to make a concerted push so nothing for me to exploit. I wanted to try and spread his forces by a initial spread of my own but he wasn't falling for it so no easy pickings here. I instead offered him the Dragon to charge 1st turn with his Daemon Prince, Cavalry and Monster support at a long 10. He went for it and that freed up the rest of my army to handle the massed armour that was the rest of his army as long as the Dragon held. The 1st round battle between our generals decided the battle and 'Betsy' the Dragon was triumphant. The Warriors was already committed by this stage and my cavalry hit exposed flanks for a surprise big win. Great game and a great opponent.

20-0 Win.

Battle Royal, Ogres up against the Elves.

Game 5: James Brown : Ogre Filth :p

Great player from the local club and defending champion for the final game so always a tester. James had brought along the Ogre Runemaw Deathstar and usual internet filth to the tournament and good on him it was a solid list. We both knew that I had a big lead on the field and he needed to push it hard and win big to topple me from the podium. I won table sides and from that moment it was going to be a hard ask for him to get big points as a large impassable area in his deployment meant I could deploy in opposite corners from his Army. The Ogres got first turn and maneuvered around my fast cav hoping to force my army together. I had rolled Purple Sun ominously for this game and felt that Death stars deserved every 6 dice spell they had coming their way, no disrespect intended. So IF on Purple Sun and a 30" range meant his Slaughter master fell down a hole and so did his Ironblaster. It was all up to James to play hard from this point and he showed how good a player he was by coming back from the pts lost (8-12 due to large points brackets in the tournament) and getting a draw.

We did have one talking point during the game and it was to do with the charge arc of one remaining Bull into my fleeing Phoenix (good amount of points). I was at the time a bit surprised that a regular tournament player only had the rubber arrow arc meter from the GW set to check visible arc. They are notorious for having wiggle room and not being very accurate so after agreeing twice that it was out of charge arc James asked a third time if it was in. I did think this was a little on the nose as the single model had already been knocked about enough and we both had a gentlemans agreement to move on with the game. I thought it was fitting that in the last round that I threw the Phoenix into his Mournfang so at least the points were on the offering if he could slay it and he did.

10- 10 Draw.

Betsy chomps her way through a mass of monsters to grab Tinsoldier 6! Thank you to the 5 top fellas for a very enjoyable tournament. I don't get out much these days and every tournament I get in is a pleasure. Thank you for all those that helped in the running and the organising of the tournament and of course to Derick for running the show, excellent!

Top Table, Final round and Photo bombastic!

CSS likes the Skink cloud. Beaut tables and terrain Mr TO!

Dads army rocking the Dogs of War.

Snakes on a Plane!


Don't use this it's kinda shit! Arc meters are much better imho.

Board Game review: Libertalia

Pirate themed card come board game. Superb dynamic and even after two games there was still lots to discover about this little gem. Fits 2-6 players and after two games I thought that it would be a much better 5-6 player variant. Really easy to learn and would be a excellent family game. Very pirate and nautical theme which would add to its appeal. would play again.

Rating: 3 outta 5 stars.

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