Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Whilst the Girls away I getta Hobby!

Nothing like a can of Rock Star over a corpse of a sacrificed roast chicken to get some hobby on. My Blood Bowl team is taking shape. Lotsa bits and greenstuff and over the next two weeks I should have it all ship shape for the next round of the Winter league.

Started of with the mutilation of some static old skool Bret archers.

Did some test models with Eldar legs and it seemed a fit.

2 Blitzers, 2 Catchers and a thrower and all I need is to fill out the roster with 6 Linemen.

Thanks James C for coming to the rescue with some more Static archers to the cause.

Thanks also goes out to Christian for spotting us up with some spare Eldar legs.

I only want you for your torso Bretonnain Bob!!!

A quick chop and stick here and we have 6 Linemen already for armour greestuffing.

I'm looking for High Elf heads from the Chariot Sprue if anyone has them in their bits box. Will trade and pay top dollar. Cheers for reading gents.

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