Monday, 18 March 2013

Equinox 2013 Placings

We had epic clashes all tournament amongst the contenders at the top of the table. Even with 40+ competitors the top dogs of the tournament had no where to hide and there was no dodging each other. I think everyone in the top five played each other. Ogres fought Bretonnians and Chaos Dwarfs battled Warriors. After all the dust had settled the soft scores and a tiebreak decided the tournament.

Army Adj Batt Sports Paint Tie Break Total
Tim Joss Chaos Dwarves 43 20 20 0.1 83.1
Ross H Warriors 43 20 20 83
Dan Butler Warriors 47 20 12 79
John w Bretonnains 38 20 20 78
Simon Kwok Daemons 36.5 20 20 0.1 76.6
Richard B Chaos Dwarves 36.5 20 20 76.5
Ryan Warriors 34.5 20 20 0.1 74.6
James Brown Ogres 34.5 20 20 74.5
Paul Clark Tomb Kings 34 20 20 0.1 74.1
Glen Warriors 34 20 20 74
Rob Sadler Warriors 33.5 20 20 73.5
Henry O&G 33 20 20 73
James C Wood Elves 32.5 20 20 0.1 72.6
Rory Skaven 32.5 20 20 72.5
Mike Youngs Dark Elves 32 20 20 0.2 72.2
Nick munn Skaven 32 20 20 0.1 72.1
Tom Ogres 32 20 20 0 72
Sean Robertson Dark Elves 31 20 20 71
Aaron P Daemons 30.5 20 20 0.2 70.7
Brian Dark Elves 30.5 20 20 0.1 70.6
Blair Empire 30.5 20 20 70.5
Sam O&G 30 20 20 70
Paul Dalton Ogres 28.5 20 20 68.5
Russ Vampires 28 20 20 68
Damon Lizardmen 27.5 20 20 67.5
Stephen Skaven 27 20 20 0.2 67.2
Dave Hart O&G 27 20 20 0.1 67.1
Graeme Warriors 27 20 20 67
Michael C Lizardmen 26.5 20 20 66.5
Mike S Empire 26 20 20 66
Ross Clark Warriors 25.5 20 20 0.1 65.6
Mike Vercoe Ogres 25.5 20 20 65.5
Noel  High Elves 26 20 19 65
George High Elves 23.5 20 20 63.5
Aaron C Vampires 25 20 18 63
Nick I Wood Elves 22.5 20 20 62.5
Dan Blomfield O&G 21 20 19 0.1 60.1
Bobby Beastmen 20 20 20 60
Dean W O&G 13 20 20 53
Ron golds Beastmen 9.5 20 20 49.5
Chris E Wood Elves 5 20 10 35
Geoff High Elves 5 20 10 35
Phil Ormond Daemons 5 20 10 35

Best Painted: Dave Hart

There was one vote in it and two clear leaders in the painting field. The standard in painting overall was exceptionally high. It was a pleasure to have such well painted armies at the tournament, keep it up tournament goers.

Best Sport: Sam whitt

Another perfect tournament for sports and the level of good generalship and behaviour made me proud to host you guys . It reflects how the game should be played in a friendly but competitive manner. Just remember that if your opponent makes a mistake or his ruler is a little on the stretchy side, it's curtesy for you to mention it to him politely. He may not even know that he's doing it. Good friendly conversation goes a long way to making it both an enjoyable experience and game for you both. The last thing is if your opponent is beating you, that's not enough to mark your opponent down in sports points, you just have to play better next time.

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A tournament is all about its players. Equinox this year had plenty of people getting their game on. Having maximum fun playing and puching around the hobby that we all love.

In the thick of battle..

 Club mates face off...

 First tournament is the best...

Win the tournament 3 times you keep the trophy...

A little bit later this happened. Necrons feast on some Eldar.

More photo's to come and the 40K results.


  1. Thanks for hosting it, Phil! Went well. How was the tiebreak worked out?

  2. Hey Nick, The Saturday strict time tabling was interesting. Every game had 2 1/2 hours as would any standard tournament but many still didn't manage to finish their games. It's some thing to look at as players improve their knowledge of 8th ed. I think in future TO's need to be a lot stricter on timing and introduce penalties for constant offenders. I may have seemed strict but I'm as soft as a marshmellow when it comes to docking points. We were contstantly 15-30 minutes over every round the first 4 games. You guys were a good bunch and Sunday showed a huge improvement on timing.
    Tie breakers were worked out on number of wins then draws. If there was a need it would have gone to soft scores but there wasn't a need this time around.

  3. Ok, cool. (Just making sure I have it clear here...) I had 3w:2d:1l, so Mike Youngs (0.2) had 5w:1d? Tom had 4w:1d:1l?

    Timetabling wise, the games I had that went fastest were both against O&G on day 2. Against Sam in particular, we got through 5 comfortable turns, despite both of us losing most all our toys in the process. Was surprised to find that it went fastest against other horde armies though.

  4. Great tournament, Phil. Thoroughly enjoyed every game.

    I found the novelty of playing armies I had rarely played before, the biggest cause of time delays. I apologise again to my opponents for all the questions being asked of the Nurgle Daemons, Chaos Dwarves and Orc & Goblins.

    Of course, a Chaos Dwarf player should not be surprised to hear "It does whaaat?!

    Thanks, everyonoe.


  5. Good Spotting there Nick. I made a minor boo boo and you did have one more draw than Tom so you move one place up and Tom moves one spot down. I always Find that after the first four games of the tournament your play always improves and speeds up as you get use to your army. Horde battles are the best.

    Blair, it was great to see you guys up for the tourney. Will have to gather a bigger force from your club mates next you are in the big smoke. Will catch you in Tauranga soon for some Man dollies!

  6. I wasn't trying to call you on counting errors, Phil. (Although I am happy to take the jump). Just didn't know how it worked. Comes from being new to the scene. Thanks again for all your hard work.