Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Equinox Pics Part 2

We tried to get as many prizes back into the community as possible at Equinox. 
Future tournaments we will try and dedicate spending on building up the terrain the Tournament has access to. Currently we have 4 tables of terrain and a big thanks needs to go to everyone who helped in sponsoring terrain tables so the tournament could have some scenery. Auckland City guard and East Auckland Elites let us use their terrain so thanks goes out to the two main wargaming clubs in Auckland.

Some of the Competitors who took home the swag at the tournament.
Thanks to :
Vagabond Games
Pukeko Games
& Battlefront Miniatures.

Table with some of the shinies.

Whangarei represents at Equinox.

 Photo Bomb! Best Sponsored terrain Prize.

 Behind the scenes of the Flames of War event.

More plasticrack, here we go.

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