Thursday, 14 March 2013

Equinox 2013 approaches

Equinox is this weekend and here we have the first round draw

Bobby Vs Dave Hart
Sam Vs Michael Coxon Baines
Blair Vs Michael Vercoe
Damon Vs Stephen
Mike Stewart Vs Dan Blomfield
James Brown Vs Tim Joss
Aaron Peters Vs Richard Barby
Rob Sadler Vs Simon Kwok
Graeme Vs Henry
Paul Dalton Vs Ross Hillier-Jones
Noel Vs Ron golds
Chris Ellis Vs Nick Munn
John W Vs Dan Butler
Paul Clark Vs George
Rory Vs Glen
James C Vs Mike Youngs
Ross C Vs Tom
Dean W Vs Sean Robertson
Russ Vs Brian
Ryan Vs Nick
Aaron C Vs Phil
Alex Vs Phil O
Reid Vs Geoff
Jason Vs Dave S

All the lists will be released to tournament goers tonight. Don't forget to check your email inbox. Just to entertain you with the myriad of formatting you still get these days, they have been included as is. It was time consuming as it was correcting the 48 lists so they could be easily transported to a word doc. I think I would have gone slightly mad if I had to format them into the templates that were sent out. Granted the templates probably corrupted depending on the computer systems everyone uses.

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  1. Thanks for another well run tournament Phil. venue variety is the spice of life, and such was the splendor of the event that it made the rain come!