Monday, 18 March 2013

Equinox 2013 The Weekend

Few teaser pics from the Weekend. 
Huge amounts of pictures to come later. Battle reports, tid bits and the all important results.
Sit back and enjoy.

Onlookers, " This is what Wargaming is all about. Strutting your stuff when it counts."

I am so happy to be at Equinox!

We even had Warhammer celebrities at the venue.

Results and more pictures to come, until then.


  1. Haha, great shot of John in pic one!

  2. I might not be top "warhammer celebrity" are Dan crushed my dreams but I've got to be one of the most handsome men in warhammer... ha ha Phil bro stop teasing us and show us some leg and the results...

  3. Bro, I can't take credit for the hate your dice rained upon you, you're the top J.Brown celeb in my books.

  4. That duder in the hat looks like he's out slaving
    Must be NZ's top warhammer celebrity...