Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wargaming round up end of May

So went and took my High Elf list for the one practice game before Nicon and with little time to get any more in the results are pretty atrocious. I faced a Warriors Combat army and got slaughtered to a man in little over four turns humm need to rethink strategy me thinks. Here's how the list looks.

Arch mage 225
Lvl 4 35, Annulian Crystal 40, Iron curse Icon 5, Folariaths Robe 45
Lore of Shadow 0                                                                               345

Mage 100
Lvl 2 35, Opal Amulet 15, Seer Staff 30
Lore of Death 0                                                                                  180 Caress, Doom & Darkness.

Noble 85
BSB 25, Armour of Caledor 25, Pidgeon Pluckers Pendant 5,
Dawn Stone 25, Gt Weapon 8                                                            173

Noble 85
Helm of Fortune 25, Amulet of Light 15, Elven Barded Steed 16
Dragon Armour 6, Gt Weapon 8, Shield 2                                           157

25 x Spears 225
Full Command 25, Bann of Eternal Flame 15                                       265

18x Archers 198
Muso 5                                                                                               203

12x Archers 132
Muso 5                                                                                               137

16x Swordmasters 240
Full Command 30                                                                                270

17x Whitelions 255
B,M 18, Banner of Sorcery 50                                                             323

6x Silverhelms 126
B,M 20, Shields 12                                                                               162

Tiranoc Chariot                                                                                     85

Eagle 50

Eagle 50                                                                            Total Points: 2400pts

Painting up a storm but not for the tournament at the moment. It's the Lizardman permanent loan army for my local club. It should have 2400pts and be there for anyone that walks in to try the game out or anyone short an army if they are up for the weekend. Still after donations to give the force some options but the models are there for a basic three block of lizards list.

The Temple Guard Unit so far with 7 ranks with two characters and a Slann.

Quite happy with the frog that I green stuffed together and he turned out well enough for the table top. You can see him in previous WIP in the blog. 

Been a bit sick so been on drugs the entire week. Can you say Drugs and Wargaming and thats just for a day those pills! :)

Boardgame of the week is "Arkham Horror".

Thanks Johnny for introducing us to the good stuff. We had eight players in all in our first game ever and it was epic. Johnny was the only one who had played so we turned the setting on easy and went about closing dimensional doors and battling other worldly creatures in a very social game. It was a small night at the board game club and I'm sure we made enough noise to annoy the neighbours. We managed to close every dimensional portal and exacted a win from the game. Highly reccommend this to all.  4 outta 5 stars.

The game comes with a huge assortment of pieces and characters. Suitable for a large group or 4 dedicated hunters. The myriad of different scenarios and combinations will mean it has great replayability.

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  1. Arkham Horror

    LOL I knew you would love it.
    8 players is alot to manage considering I hadnt played for around 4 months and I was rusty on the rules but I had a great time.
    Its a great game and it can also be played solo. The game can be really hard at times and you will lose alot, but what fun is there in a game you can beat all the time. There are heaps of addons and replayablity.