Thursday, 24 May 2012

High Elf Blender

Just went to a local appliance store and they had this High Elf Blender for sale. Note on the instruction book clearly states that contact against an enemy must be made otherwise effectiveness of unit will be reduced dramatically.

Speed painted in about 15mins and add devlan mud. They look way better than the photo suggests and the Samaurai-esque look is fast growing on me. I had to go get the IOB set to get these extra figures and I hope they were worth it.

Extra's added to the parent unit and ready for Nicon the next tournament we go, go!


  1. That is a nice looking unit. I would be scared, but they're only elves so... NEVER! Nice work, I like the bases.

  2. Thanks @Kuffeh, the unit needs more licks of paint but an arms length away it's a go. When will you be coming to a tournament with the Dwarves? The lil stunties are looking primed for a fight and what better army to face them in a ancestral grudge than High Elves.

  3. They look good as they are, but more detail would definitely make them pop more.

    As to me in a tourney? I dunno, I don't even have 2500pts built yet (OK, I have loads more but they're very old scheme, very old models and half a country away). Maybe one day it'll happen. haha, the elves would fall like wheat!