Friday, 11 May 2012

Daemon Dog Days

Every where I look these days there is a shortage of Daemon lists at tournaments. With the Ogre Train and Skaven circus it seems the Daemons have taken a bypass by most and will sit on a back shelf gathering dust. Surely this cannot be as they are the favoured sons of the battle against the forces of order. So to revive the 7th edition favourites I thought it would be high time they got a run. This weekend there is a small tournament/gathering of 1400pt armies at the local gaming store in the City and a perfect time to raise some literal hell.

 Rocking it all out and a bit of green stuff harks then back to the metal models. Unit filler for the Daemonettes.

The 'Rock Band of Slaneesh', is a long awaited WIP that needs more love but no time unfortunately.

Daemon Dogs for the win and no army is complete without a unit of these guys. I had these old edition metal warhounds ready for sale for $20 and noone wanted them. I had a epiphany and went hey these guys would be perfect as some Flesh Hounds and instantly saved myself 60 buckeroos, yeah!!

Here's my list and C&C from you Daemon maestro's would be great

Herald of Khorne Armour of Khorne 115
Herald of Tzeentch BSB, Greater Icon of Despair 230
Flames of Tzeentch
Heroes 345
5 Flesh Hounds 175
Specials 175
32 Bloodletters MBC 414
22 Pink Horrors MB, Banner of Change 309
Core 723
4 x Flamers PyroCaster 155
Rare 155
Total 1398

Really looking forward to tomoz, it'll be funtastic.

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