Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Club day and Frog Army WIP.

Another week and another army it seems on the modelling table. The lure of the Lizardmen is strong so with the help of a couple of club members and friends who provided some bits and bobs I managed to scrap together a reasonable force with three units of over 25 strong. Big thanks to Derick and Paul for being top chaps. This gives me very good options with two big units of Saurus and a big unit of Temple guard to chose as my main stays.

The start of some mix and match models. The lone guy is Qertzl, so named from the original from his previous owner.

Without a Slann to lead the force I thought I'd try my hand and see if my sculpting skills were developing. It was really rewarding putting this Floating Frog together. Some more work needed and waiting for the green stuff to set is the major time consuming bit of this build.

The green stuff bubbles are for the swamp themed bases. First stages of the Slann on the right with some Orc arms attached

I'm still working on my wood Elves so, here's the new additions to the army with some Ninja Waywatchers. The local Vagabonds had these sitting around and I was pretty happy to be able to pick up all the different models of the range.

And with a couple of coats of paint & some green stuff rocks. .

Club day at Auckland City Guard club saw a large crowd of Heroclix players. They met every 2nd week and are looking for new people to join them. Fast paced and fantastic collectables miniatures.

I managed to get in a game against some Warriors and they steamed rolled my army of Elves. Three blocks of solid Warriors with very little chaff seems to be the optimum 8th build. I was surprised to face later a very 7th edition build of Dark Elves with a Dragon Lord and supporting level 2. It was very effective and even though I killed the Dragon it was very hard to nail the Lord as well to get the points. It was similar to the 7th list I ran with High Elves but DE seems to definitely do it better.

Big venue, lots of space, tables and terrain. Come join us for a game or two every Sunday.

Board game for the week is Kingsburg. Fast becoming one of my favourites and will be added to the collection as soon as I can get a hold of a copy. Very easy to learn and you're up and running first game. It's a economy building game with a medieval theme. You become a lord of a town influencing advisors who provide you with resources as you build down a tech ladder of buildings. More details can be found Here.
Rating 4/5.

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