Monday, 14 May 2012

What to take to NiCon

NiCon which is the North Island Convention that's hosted in turn by a different city in NZ annually is only 3 odd weeks away. My first Big Tournament for the year and it's a bit of a headache to decide what to take. I've been trying out a few different armies out this year and they have all done well and all have their appeals.
My first choice would be High Elves as they have always been my favourite play style army in warhammer. I took them to OTT in Feb and they were immensely fun and only due to rusty play and me making mistakes did they not get higher on the podium. With a selection of three fully painted forces I can grab off the shelf they are still the most likely of the four armies I may take.
Second choice would also be Elves and the Wood Elves which I have owned and been working very sporadically on for the last five years may make an appearance. I took them out for a doubles tournament in April and they were spectacular. I was very drawn to the mythos and the Ninja Waywatchers. More so the Ninja Waywatchers and the amazing sculpts that I got in their all metal goodness before failcast. Another podium so the rumours of Internet doom for the army was another failed omen. So much like other internet omens and I wonder if they dress up in flowing robes and light a lot of candles when predictions like these are made.
Third Choice would be Daemons which I took out for a stroll and a 1400pt tournament in the weekend and won decisively. The sheer simplicity and effectiveness of the mass direct assault of the army makes them a very powerful force. As long as you know what your bad match ups are and what they are weak against I can see these guys doing very well at Nicon. The only thing that makes me hesitant to use these guys is just that they aren't as multidimensional on all phases as say the Elf armies. I've got to the stage in the hobby that I'd like to take armies that give me maximum enjoyment out of my 6 games of the tournament. The Daemons may just not fit the role but who knows if I can paint a blood Thirster in record time, the sheer novelty of something new may override any doubts.
It brings me to my final choice and that would be Warriors of Chaos. I have all the models but they haven't really seen any love after Feb's win at Fluffycon. With another 400pts to add to the list it could hatch some very devastating combo's. In all reality I've moved on from the Warriors a bit and it'll have to take some scion of redemption before I go back to them me thinks. A mate with superb painting skills has just picked up an army of warriors and I'll get to see some of his work this week which may sway me back in that direction.

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