Friday, 18 May 2012

NiCon Prep & WIP for the Week

NiCon is at the top of the table of prep this week. So I've still got a few ideas on what army to take to the event. Most of which is related to this figure that I'm working on. He needed a extension on his back leg and some green stuff to fill the gaps after a quick hobby knifing. He's head hunting for certain armies as you can see by his trophy under foot.

So just as you settle to take an army your friends supply you with another unit of that internet doomed apparently under performing army book. There's a couple of facets of the Wood Elves that would surprise a few people at the tournament but they still aren't at the top of the list. Look Aaron those models fixed up real good.

I found out about Fenris grey this week too. It's fast becoming extinct but until we still have it around the terrain cupboard is getting that coat of paint that might see some really impressive new monuments at the next tournament.

The Board Game for the week is EVO. Not really one of my all time favourites but a quick fire fun game between 2-5 players. Evolve and breed Dinosaurs in a dinotopic world. Most points gets you the cigar. Great for a quiet night in with friends and a board game.
3 outta 5 stars.

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