Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pre - Tournament Musings, Equinox 2012

Only two weeks to go before Equinox 2012 hits the shelves and a large contingent of Wargamers will descend into Auckland for one of the most recognised Tournaments in New Zealand. I'm delighted to have the honour of running the event this year with it's packed turnout. Response was on a all time high for Equinox and the tournament was full for Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and Warmachine 5 months before the start of the tournament. With over 130 competitors ready to bring their gaming to the event it's going to be a over flowing venue at Mt Eden on the weekend of the 17th & 18th this month.

I'm currently sitting at the Computer waiting in anticipation of all those 50 odd army lists for the Warhammer Fantasy competition which were due yesterday. I have so far just received over half of the lists, which puzzles me some what as penalties have been stated on the players pack, forum posts, tournament official threads and reminder emails. With the very close nature of 8th ed WFB amongst the top players, tournament points are definitely not a commodity I would like to trade with a bit of tardiness if I was attending. I must admit that I've been very understanding and with the dozen or so tournaments I've run previously I have been exceptionally generous and as I can recall I've only ever marked one person for a tardy list but that was needed since I received it on the day of the tournament (no names mentioned but you know who you are :) ). Having put aside a perfectly good Saturday and a weekend night to mark lists and finding that I may be required to set aside some more time I'm also having second thoughts about being that nice guy with penalties. Fair warning is fair warning given and I guess I have to come good on some tournament penalties this time around. So if you are one of those individuals that still haven't submitted your list, I'm mid way painting my Centaurs (WIP in a previous thread) and when I'm finished Penalties will begin to be handed out. I think that's amply fair as I'm a pretty slow painter.

One of the Greatest things I've seen in tournaments recently is the great many new armies GW has released for fantasy in the recent year or so. The varieties are all very well balanced for the first set of new army books and they have seen some victories at prestigious events namely the NZ Masters where the New Ogres took the title. I look forward to GW remaining on this track with their imminent releases and with this frame of mind I decided it would be a great idea to let the new Forge World Chaos Dwarves into the tournament this year. Chaos Dwarves have suffered tempestuously over the last few years and it's great to see that it hadn't been forgotten by GW after all. Also with the solid backing of some pretty awesome models from FW. The Indie books had never really been up to par for tournaments and unfinished Faq's and design from fan based books left TO's the only option of using a decade old rule book for 8th ed play in the past. I am very keen to use Throne of Tamurkhan at Equinox to test it viability with one controversial change and that is to keep the 8th ed premise of always wounding on a roll of a 6 which I didn't agree with the FW designers vision of a -1 modifier on to wound hits on their Kadaii destroyer and Bale Taurus. The dynamic of letting one FW designed Monstrous mount being unkillable to str4 or below isn't what I view fair when every other Monstrous creature were susceptible to even Str1. So after careful thought to make it fair for Equinox The 'Burning body rule' would be replaced with a +1 to it's toughness instead.

Spring Equinox

Back to painting Centaurs.

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