Wednesday, 15 February 2012

FluffyCon 2012 Rise of the Warrior Part 3

So the culmination of all the modelling and painting is for this weekends tournament. Painting frantically for a tournament really does get the job done and it even got a display board made (they are so in at the moment). With FluffyCon the ultra soft tournament for New Zrealand it was a surprise that I was told High Elve are too over powered and I should pick either Beastmen or Warrirors. Oh well I guess I'll pick the most soft choice of the three (laced that with sarcasm) then Warriors of Chaos arriissseee!!! In all it's combat glory here's my army to go forth and slaughter 'Krell's Despoilers'.

..and yes those purple things are Ogres. I even made three Chaos Dwarfs with top hats outta spare Dwarf miners. Ah, really getting back into the hobby and tournaments yo!

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