Wednesday, 15 February 2012

OTT 2012 Part2 (Army list & Batreps)

With a 5am Journey to the Tron the Road Trip began. Car load of decent fella's all from the Auckland City Guard club we were ready to bomb da Tron 4 WFB and a solitary 40K amongst us. Bit of a Macca's binge stop managed to wake us for the fray.

My Army, gathered from the remnants of my Elven collection was going to have to do. My other Two armies were either inaccessible or locked in the Clubs cupboards as I'd cunningly left the keys with another one of the members to open up that weekend. So the list is rather strange and not really what I would bank on in future but should be hella fun to play.

Archmage LvL 4 Tali Preserve, Iron Curse Icon

Prince Barded Steed, Gt Weap, Dragon Arm, Vambraces def, Reaver Bow.

BSB Noble Armour Calador, GT Weap, Dawn Stone.

6 Dragon Princes Banner of Ellyrion
17 White Lions    Amulet of Light, Flaming banner
16 Swordmasters Banner of Sorcery
27 Spearmen
18 Archers
12 Archers
Tiranoc chariot
2 Eagles

No Scroll, T3 Elite infantry that was going to die to a stiff breeze so should be a good test of ones generalship and of course the favour of the dice gods.

Game 1 Vs Carl Lizards

Facing a Carnosaur Lord, big unit of Coldones, Double block of saurus, 2 Mages, Steg and sundry. I was pretty happy as the army was not too magic heavy and I might be able to survive some magic and get my close combat in before my army disappeared to his Slamanders and machine gun skinks.

Carl's 1st turn and he pushed up the middle with his Coldones with Lord in tow hopping that the Alter of Khaine within 6" would deter me from charging in to engage. From the middle of the board he pretty much had charges to any number of my units. The magic that I thought wasn't strong in his army proceeded to chain lightning and run rampant all the way through the whole of my army. This in turn killed all my battle plans as it took care of the two Eagles in one swoop in his 1st turn. Oh to have a scroll.

It was all or nothing so the BSB's unit of Whitelions and the Swordmasters decided it was gonna be a competition of who could chop lizard's or die and both charged into Carnostar unit. Whitelions with frenzy are just insane and  even a Carnosaur doesn't have much to save it from a great ax. Mind Razor on the spearmen managed to secure a good win after chasing down two units of Saurus. The game could have swung either way but Carl had the worst dice luck imaginable and as karma dictates I was set for some shockers later I was sure.
17-3 Win.

Game 2 VS TO Lizardmen

Ryan and I have had a great rivalry ever since I started playing Hammer seriously. We're both very wary and respectful of each other's game and what we have to bring to the table top (I just pretend I do :p nah he's actually a good player). Ryan took Old blood heavy Saurus deathStar with a ethereal Slaan and beast magic. It meant my minimal magic defence army would have to try and wipe out his chaff and avoid the 'savage beast' spell which would give his characters a million attacks. So battle plan was to avoid Main unit and kill everythingelse. The tension was palpable as we both made sure we didn't make any mistakes. I folded and made the mistake after wiping out all his chaff and mispositioned my diverting eagle one inch out of position. this meant he got the overrun into my Swordmasters and got their points on turn 6 to pull the game back. Must remember to get more tourney games in as I'm jut rusty at hammer. Good thoroughly absorbing tactical game and as always a fine chap and opponent.
11-9 Win

Game 3 Vs John Bretonnians

Long buses of rubbery lance doom was what I was thinking going into the game and that would be my down fall. John is a great guy new to my club and even though Brets pack a punch I thought I had them under control as there was a Alter of Khaine right where I wanted battle to commence. I went for a decisive turn one combat so moved swordmasters and Whitelions towards the Alter and offered John both charges at about a 7 to roll from his main bus with Lord in one and Bsb in the other. Thinking perhaps frenzied swordmasters with 21 attacks and Bsb's 3 str6 would put him off choosing combat. No such hesitation from John and my abilities to roll ones in combats was hampering and the stack of ones was going to prove my undoing. Combat elves lose and get run down. My attempt at pulling the game back was hampered by Dragon princes unable to catch fleeing Bret Lord in large Bus of points. Lesson learned Brets are good.
17-3 Loss

So far not playing competitive tournaments regularly have been really telling. Having a great time though and I recommend anyone out there to get in a tournament as it's great fun.

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