Monday, 6 February 2012

What to do when you have too many Archmages??

...You convert them of course!!!

Bit of a hiatus after the holiday season. With Long weekends (3days) over the last few weeks its been enjoy the sun, beverages and good company. Been drawn back to the hobby though with the imminent start of the tournament year. I'm picking up two tourneys this year in the month of Feb and the first of them is OTT (Over the Top) in Hamilton next weekend. I'm dusting off the High Elves for this and taking a rather weird list that concentrates on more attack than defense, lets see how they turn out.

So as with every tournament I like to at least make a new Model or Unit for the army. Looking through the bits box I discovered that I had about a half dozen Arch mages of IoB fame. So what do you do with these fine sculpts and they are just that. Here is my attempt at making a Archmage to led the Elven Host to glory battling it out in the Tron. (Hamilton).

The one on the left is an Arch Mage with the book of Hoerth which I'll use probably without the book of Hoerth at the tournament. He's just got a simple conversion with repositioned staff, Book from the HE mage kit and a head from the DP kit. The one on the right has more work done and has a PG breast plate, DP head, WL Left arm plus a great ax. Anyone out there with the great sword from the Dragon kit and I'll be happy to trade but other wise he's looking pretty complete.

I'll post Army list along with some Batreps after the tourney this weekend.

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