Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Post FluffyCon, Warriors of Chaos Part 4

Tournament in the weekend that has just concluded which I have been painting and converting my Warriors of Chaos to get ready for. It was a truely well relaxed tournament and the people who attended were a good bunch of fellas. Armies were restrained and the goal was to take options that weren't ever really seen in your armies list and with only 100pts to upgrade marks, Bsb , lvl's, magic and items it was going to be a huge challenge.

Army List

Led by LVL 1 Sorcerer with Charmed shield, Chaos Steed, Spell familiar
Exhalted  BSB on Barded steed, Enchanted Shield, hand weapon.

16 Forshaken
15 warriors of Tzeentch Halberds, Shields, Banner, Champion.
30 Marauders of Khorne Flails, Full Command

5 Marauder Horse   Shields, Axes
5 Marauder Horse   Lt Armour, Flails
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

6 Chaos Knights Full Command
4 Chaos Ogres
Hell Cannon   (worth 250pts instead of its normal 205pts in this competition.

2000 pts

                                         Picture: Oh that's a new kind of Candy?!

Overall the list was designed to have lots of combat troops and lots of diverters so it could pick it's combats. The fragile combat units were the Forsaken, Ogres and the Marauders in the second round of combat and if you picked those up that was half the army gone and a good solid 1000pts. The teeth in the list were the Knights and Hell Cannon and if you took them out early the army would fold pretty easily on itself. With a LVL 1 Chaos sorcerer leading the party who always had to challenge it was going to be a hard time trying to not get him killed so overall out of a 1-5 with 5 being the fluffiest I thought my list was definitely a 2.5-3 on the scale of  soft armies and things.

To give you an idea of what the environment was like here are some of the armies and what I considered their hardest units. Bretonnian list with Trebutchet With 3 blocks of knights, Exhalted on Jugger with 40 marauders of Slaanesh, and warshrine, Treeman with 6 treekin and accompany symphony of Glade guard, Double saurus block with machine gun skinks and salamander and Razordon, Minotaurs led by kitted out Gorebull and two large units of Gors and the last army I faced big Black Ork block, Big uns block, Large Gobo's block with nets, with a doom diver support and fast hitting chariot and pump wagon.

Batreps to come.

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