Thursday, 9 February 2012

OTT (Over the Top) 2012 Part1

Tournament this weekend and it's OTT. My first Over the Top and very similar hard cap restrictions at the event that were used from last year. I'm excited as to get in a early tournament for the year and so excited I've taken a completely new HE list. It'll not feature any of the double White Lion bunkers and Phoenix Guard tarpits but for this Tournament I'm fielding a big block of Swordmasters. That should in itself be a challenge to drive.

So I decided I should make my very first display board. So in a rush to take a photo the board hasn't even had a chance to dry yet so is missing all the drybrushing. I'm beginning to understand why people knock them up.

Lord and Archmage need major work so with 2 days to go lets see if I can finish giving it lick of paint in time. I'll also post the Army list and some batreps closer to the tourney. Can't give too many secrets away just yet... :)


  1. come on... need to plan which unit to put my manglers through first ha ha...

  2. Bet your original list has two Manglers too, you cheesy sock puppet ;) Don't worry my cheesy ASF rule let's me reroll hit's and wounds on them in this version of the tournament rules before they make impact hit's. Buying the TO beverages has it's advantages, maybe.