Monday, 6 February 2012

Warriors from the Chaos wastes.

Have always had a warriors army and haven't had an opportunity to sport them. FluffyCon the WFB tournament at Battlecry was the perfect chance for me to get some inspiration to paint my army up. Having been told that my High Elves would be very unsuitable to take to the one Soft tournament of the tournament calendar, the choice given to me by the TO was either Warriors or Beastmen. I think I picked the better option but it meant some serious painting inside of three weeks and some serious conversion and building work to make a Warshrine and a Hell cannon to support the troops.

Making the two models really got me inspired back into the hobby as it brought me back to what I like about the context of the hobby and that is, It's what you want it to be. Making your own conversions and adding your own touches to your army just gives it that special something that will keep you wargaming for aeons yet.

The Warshrine will eventually be marked with Tzeentch but I currently don't have any icons appropriate for this but will be looking at a forge world order at a later date. It's a Disc pulled by captured slaves converted to the cause. I particularly like the addition of the Dragon's head trophy which I found in my useful bits box. The whole army has a snow based theme and this will be added a little later on. All the rest of the trophies on the warshrine was just from the accumulation over the years and so very happy they were useful for something.

The Hell Cannon is just from the left over kit from making my Daemon Prince. The classic irony is that the actual cannon is made from a old work pen that I've green stuffed with lots of skulls on. The cannon spewing hell spawned icor (From my work pen) at my opponents is gonna give me belly aching ironic laughter for years to come. The legs are from some tyranid bits I had lying around. This model has immense amounts of green stuff and it was really a great learning experience for me since I'd never really used the stuff before other than for only minor gap filling and such. Once painted up it should be a cool centre piece for the horde.

Two more weeks to the tournament and I'll have more pics and batreps to come.

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