Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wood Elves WIP Part 3

Got the Wood Elves out again and starting to narrow out what I want in the Army. After getting the opportunity to face three different types of Wood Elf forces in the past couple of weeks, it has given me a very good idea what I want in my own army. I know that I need some fast cavalry at the very least. They'll serve as good redirecters and war machine hunters.

Probably some of the most cool looking fast cavalry sculpts in the game and I'll have to give these guys a lot more finishing work to do them the justice they deserve.

My converted Centaurs who will be representing the Wild riders in the army. Still needing some more green stuff but coming together well. I thought the Elf heads would be a little small against the big frame of the model but that was easily fixed with bulking the hair out with greenstuff.

Got distracted but will finish the Batreps for Fluffycon soon.


  1. Glad to see some more Wood Elves heading out of the woods. What's with the swap? Me painting High Elves and you Wood Elves... tired of me smashing you in all our games? :D

  2. Saw you warhawk men converts and wondered what wings you used Nick. Let us know and the Wood Elf project will keep trucking.