Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wood Elves WIP Part 2

The second Treeman made and ready for greenstuff and foliage. This time I'm set to give him some of the leaf parts off the GW trees set and it should look pretty good. A long way off completion but I'm quite happy with how he turned out.
Can anyone say spruetastic.

Unit of Six Treekin about 95% finished. I've added greenstuff vines and sprites, then based the model. Started the undercoat and the first rough dry brush to them. They get some coats of highlights and some inks later on to finish them off. I haven't decided on what kind of forest flock I will use yet for the bases.

Will start on the two units of Dryads when I next get some time which won't be for a long while. Along with a string of Gladeguard. 


  1. Looking superb Phil, really got that forest happening! Maybe get some contrast between base and model, it's forest floory, but I reckon it needs something to 'pop' it? Not knocking your concepts or ability, 238 times better than what I could do, looking forward to seeing that treeman all painted with his big angry tree face!

  2. Awesome stuff Phil, but (and although I hate to have to agree with ole Purple Sun there ;) ) I agree with what Dan says. There's not much distinction between the base and the model, which with this sort of effort made is a shame. Maybe look at some high coloured foliage on the base or even some forest animals?

    Either way, looks good bro, much jealousy on my side for that amount of ingenious thinking.

    MK aka Monkey King aka Barry

    (Though not like love love, more like man love, which isn't actually love at all, more sort of like general respect)

    (Unless you love me back in which case, well, we can always get together *nudge nudge wink wink, say no more*)

  3. Your treeman looks like the talking stone head from "Night at the Museum".

  4. The Treekin haven't been flockes propperly yet as I haven't decided on static grass or that new cool as glue on tuff stuff.

    @MK, Dude turn up to ACG and you'll get all the nerd luv you will ever want bro.

    @Rory, Easter Island talking head/ Potatoe tree head was what I was going for :)