Monday, 12 December 2011

Dorfs View...Masters Batrep Part 3

Toms Masters over view.

Game One: Nicks Woodelfs

Nicks list had a lot of points in a couple of models so it looked like a strong match up for me and an uphill battle for him. He pushed up hard in the first two turns to get me on the back foot. Luckily I was able to kill of enough models including a few good shoots to tag the lord on dragon and Treeman to thin his lines out. Once he reached me he was to far committed and had to see what he could take out. Sadly missing his big griblies his combat lacked the punch it needed so the Dwarfs spend the next few turns trying to prevent the elves from escaping their grasp as they chopped them up. The Stunties had never moved so fast in their life, chasing down elves is hard work. Thankfully the boys were up for the challenge and a speed roll of 11 for an overrun kept those nasty elves in check.

20-0 for Me. Good start don’t think the score line should have been that big nick still had combats that could have gone his way turn 5 and 6

Games Two: Dan Daemons

Looking at his list I concluded there was one thing to do. See how much I could not lose by. The Dwarfs had no real answer to his toys. But I deployed up and when on offensive anyway. Dan had put a large portion of his army far on one side so the dwarfs felt brave enough to storm down the other end of the field at the easy stuff (Scummy Daemons) while every turn another unit was peeled of my line and fead to on coming tide of daemonic filth. Luckily the dwarf courage was helped by a cannon shot finding the Blood thirsters tender in between bits for a one hit K.O.

10-10 Few lucky rolls saved my bacon in this one and the Brave warriors whom stepped up and ran into the mind razored Daemonettes.

Game Three: Henry Orcs

Having played Henry in a few practise games over the years.... I knew very well this game would go either way. We both had some new toys in our lists from our last battle so where keen to see how they would go. Both moved up at each other for a standoff, let the range war finish before committing. I thought Henry was starting to get the upper hand so I pushed up to force combat before it was too late. Unfortunately one of my units was caught out from the rest in my haste to engage and once the Stunnies are in the wrong place their little legs don’t get them out of it very quickly. I was punished for this mistake and my line started tearing like wet paper as each unit fell like dominos once the line was breached.

3-17 to Henry. Good victory. Found out when dwarfs are forced to turn up their tails and run they don’t get very far before they are cut down.

Game Four: Antony Ogres

I wasnt really sure what to do here, with a bit of math and theory hammer going on in my head I worked out pretty quickly that his centre was going to rip mine apart if I took it head on, though my flanks should hold. So the battle plan became an aggressive one of try your best to thin out the oncoming onslaught because there was no way of avoiding the Ogre Bus finding its mark for 6 turns. Did my best to kill as many of them as possible while they raced across the field, the Thane Bsb moved into the Stubborn Hammerer unit and decided this was where the stand would be made and then polished is shiny stone and waved the Master rune of Challenge at the Bus full of juicy characters to slay. Turns out the dwarfs in the surrounding units weren’t quite up with the plan and the whole thing went to shambles and Antony failed the 5 required to make the distance anyway. After this the dwarfs has lost their edge and it all turned to custard.

3-17 to Antony. More failings on my part, well beaten by the player to go on and win the tourney.

Game Five: Daryl Dwarfs

Once this draw went up the usual Haha thats going to be a 10-10 jokes there made but I was determined to prove my salt as a the more Dwarfy Dwarf. Daryl had all his points locked it 2 units 30 Slayers and 30 Hammerers with 3 Characters. Battle plan hope that because my engineer count was higher than his id win the war machine off whilst separating the two main blocks and try tackle them one at a time. I managed to force the Hammerer unit to move away from the other and instantly moved to take it on while my Engineers were kind enough to dispose of the opposing guns then spent one turn with the all the barrels pointed at the slayers too thin it down before I started the grind. Once complete Hungry for more points the line swung around to turn its sights at the Hammerers. Again one round of gun fire to thin it down then in to roll some dice. The Dwarf Lord in this unit turned out to be a tough nut to crack (Durr Tom) and I wasnt quite able to finish them off.

15-5 to Me. Happy to win this one, sitting in the middle of the pack with glory moving further and further out of sight it was good to win the Dwarf off.

Game Six: Mal Lizards

This was one of the games I wanted to play with weekend. Mal is the number 1 ranked player in NZ and I thought my list had all the tools required to really take it to him. He pushed all his toys up turn one as I scrambled to blast away whatever I thought look like worthy cannon fodder. Then a few Brave Dwarfs stepped up to try get the Gun line another round. The Dwarf battle line moved into position to receive the punishment that was about to unfold. Great weapons held high. Im not quite sure what really happen in this game I think all my dwarfs where tired from the other battle or sick or something. But I do know the engineers were on a smoko as the guns killed nought and Hammerer must have decided to hit the Cavalry bus with their tobacco pipes instead of the Great weapons because there was lots of shots going out and a few attacks being made but not a lot of toy soldiers in Mals dead pile. The Stunnies had some sorta death wish in this game.

0-20 to Mal. He played the game he had to (Up the Guts) and the dwarfs didn’t turn up for the challenge. Oh well.

All good games. The Dwarfs did well think ill try a few different toys from the army book next time. These ones were clearly broken or something.

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  1. Heh, the Dwarf-off doesn't fill me with the same glee as a Dark Elf-Off, it's kinda sad really :( The last thing we need is Dorfs killing each other!