Monday, 5 December 2011

Wading through a Sea O Orc's

Got in a game against some Orc and Goblins this weekend against one of the newer members of ACG. Always keen to try the big new three books GW has released I got the Elves to face some of the new and very exciting toys OnG can field.
Jorin took, Lvl4 Orc shaman, Lvl 2 Goblin, Black Orc General Crown of Command, Orc BSB Standard of discipline, Blocks of 44 Orcs with dbl choppers, Black orc mob, Night gobbo Fanatic delivery vehicle, Araknorok, Mangler squig, Wolf chariot, Pump wagon, dble doom diver flanked by some wolf riders.
I Took the standard three block infantry flanked by Archers, Dragon Princes, Chariots, Led by Lvl 4 Shadow Mage, BsB rerollable 2+ arm sav, Noble with Reaver bow.

I've always said that OnG are more than capable of putting some serious mangle on any force that faces it. The army has some very reliable destructive warmachines now since it doesn't rely on BS. Where in the past their shooting was very often ineffective. Mangler Squigs are just insane for the points they are and the damage to ranked troops are not to be discounted. I was expecting a short and brutal fight so decided my best option was to play Elf typical and shoot lots first then maybe get into a fight in the later stages that would benefit me. Not having rolled Minrazor meant there wasn't going to be a fight that would be worth while in this matchup for the Elves.

Even though I got first turn it was going to be hard slowing the Orky horde even with a forest directly in the middle of the battlefield which meant there was no steadfast to be had when the orcs arrayed in horde formation and advanced. I concentrated all the missile fire at the elements that were going to do the most damage which was going to be the Doom divers and Mangler squigs. Shooting proved very ineffective as pointy sticks are destined to be and did 1 wound.

Jorin concentrated at shooting out my cav and chariots with his doom divers and moved the mangler squig in front of his lines to do damage before engaging me with his Horde o Crown o Stubborn. I decided it was best to sacrifice the tiranoc chariot to move on top of the mangler threat to take it out of the game. With his Araknorock squirting around the sides even having it's toughness reduced to 4 my missile tropps failed abysmally this game to gain any wounds (the weakness of Str3 shooting showing again). The Dragon Princes had panicked due to taking casualties from divers of doom it meant that even though I knew what Jorin was doing by tempting me with his horde in the forest so all our troops would lose steadfast and his unit with crown were stubborn I had to take the fight.

So face smash in the middle of the board and I pulled the trump card, which was magic for my army. Having his horde reduced to tougness between 1-2, reduced WS by -3 and str by -2 even a horde of Orcs will lose every last one of its 44 number to Elf spears. It still was a close fight and I learnt what a terribly effective combo Crown of command is coupled with Standard of Discipline. Well played on your game and design on the army sir. At this point the Whitelions and Phoenix guard decided they would win the game for me so I let the Elven elite do their job. What a absolutely casualty filled bloody game and it was excellent for the both of us and came down to the wire.

I call Baaaghhhh on your Waaaaggghhhh.

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