Friday, 2 December 2011

Wood Elves WIP Part 1

Have been looking to revive my Wood Elf army recently. There is a lot of talk on the forums of 8th edition making Wood Elves less than optimal. I really need to call bs to another set of interweb misconceptions. I would rather suggest they are not a point n click army now and would require a bit of finesse, which is how a army should be.

Dug up some old photo's and will post some new ones soon. I've gone for so far in my army build a solid unit of Treekin initially 4 strong but will be fleshed out to 6 strong eventually. I started building them out of Sprue (yes plastic sprue) a while ago and here are some shots.

To go with the Athel Loren army you can't go past a Treemen so I've started work on that colossus as well...

A comparison of the Size of the Treekin against the Treeman.

More to come later.


  1. You seem to know which is the pointy end of an elf so I will be eagerly watching progress on this on the gaming front. Maybe you can teach an old dog some new tricks?

  2. Spruetastic modelling mate! How you doing the leaves? Thin sliced sprue?

  3. Was thinly slicing for leaves and then realised I could of just used the extra bits from the GW trees set, doh. Good to see you loitering here Chaoswolf. I've completed the Treekin unit and 80% on the treeman which has a head and sprites now not to mention another treeman :O You gotta wonder what build I'm going for which isn't half obvious aye Nick.