Saturday, 17 December 2011

Greenstuffing it... WIP Part1.

After some heavy tournament organising and running over the last few months I get some time to enjoy the bits of the hobby that make wargaming great. Thats putting your own personal touches to models and making them all unique. I picked up a few Ogre bits and pieces from a couple of mates of mine (cheers Ed & Dan) initially for a conversion for a Warshrine (yup I've got a Warriors army). I've decided to try out some more than just casual greenstuffing. Here's one of the Ogres that I have started work on and he's destined to be a Maneater.

This critter is a much more of a challenge and will need heaps of greenstuff. Luckily I picked up a hefty amount of GS cheap from GF9. He's destined to have a great big hammer like weapon on his left arm and hopefully a Ogre sized pistol in his right arm converted from an Militia Blunderbuss. Check out the massive recess ready for some extreme modelling.

So in the midst of the afternoon of model making I couldn't help but put some finishing touches on a High Elf unit filler. I've used the Seaguard Champion with an direct swap with a great weapon from the Commander sprue. The Lizardmen bits are from the spares of the Stegadon box set.

I'll aim for some more progress over the impending Xmas break, enjoy.

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