Sunday, 11 December 2011

NZ Masters Results Part 5

What a brilliant venue and a top class field. Thank you to all who attended, you are all scholarly and gentlemen. The Warhammer Fantasy results were a testament to the level of play that we saw at the event. No one turtled and the games were played in good spirit of the game. Pete with his Skaven were top contender for the crown end of day one and looked like he was going to take it comfortable with a crushing win over the Blood Thirster led Daemons. Top of day two, with 2 rounds to go and the trophy in sight the rest of the field realised they were going to have to put in the big wins to reach the podium. We saw some amazing action and the predicted 12-8 finishes never eventuated and the Ogre army cantered to the finish with some maximum point final rounds.

Warhammer Fantasy

1st  Antony Kitson (Auck - Ogres)
2nd Dan Butler      (Hamilton - Daemons)
3rd Joe Dixon       (Nelson - Warriors of Chaos)

Best Sport - Glen Tibbles

Well played all and congrats Antony (you can retire now ;) ).

Warhammer 40k featured some heavy guns and some megalithic creatures along with an occasional hackie sack interlude. The competition kicked of with the table and most watched and anticipated army getting the reverse end of a 20-1 result. Everything became attainable and all the armies kicked their skills into over drive to gain the title. Some big gun sounds and Monstrous roars over the course of two days and as the dust settled Wellington looked like it has still maintained the top honours for 40k supremacy in NZ.

1st Jack Dunn          (Wellington - Dark Eldar)
2nd Charlie St Clair  (Wellington - Space Wolves)
3rd David Dawn       (Auck - Tyranids)

Best Sport - Daniel Hayden

Thank you to Thom & Henry for getting us the venue. Also a big thank you to Tristan, Steve, Russ, Christian, Dave, Matt and all who helped to make the Event run smoothly.

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  1. Cheers Phil, thanks for running the event, it went really smoothly.
    Are you going to post up the full results so that those of us that weren't podium finishers can see where we placed?