Friday, 4 April 2014

Bretonnian Friday & Adepticon 2014

I've always been fond of the Armoured Knight charging Lance afore against the foe. It was the first army I picked up way in the beginning of this Hobby craze. Bit of nostalgia as I unboxed them last night. Those were the days when I had a sports injury induced three months off to go all crazy on the painting (insane Heraldry). I'll be making them tabletop worthy and pushing them onto a game in the near future very very soon.

Knights of Parravon, led by Duke Cassyon.
Cassyon, Lecard, Keefor and Panteleon.
 Luthor's surprise
 My Sprue-berchet. You can't buy them any more so I had to make my own.

It's Adepticon over in the U.S. 3rd -6th of April. One of the largest Wargaming Conventions in the world. So with a limited Wargaming budget this gamer will just have to stay home and live vicariously through others. There is a couple of Hobbyist from our neck of the woods right now representing and I hope they zap many photo's and share soon. Until then here's some of the pics I managed to gather.

Venue: Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL.
Adepticon 2014, just one of the many halls at the event.
Here's an example of the quality of Hobby there is out there.
 Some of the photo's from last year.

Hobby weekend it, you know you wanna!

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