Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Wood Elf New Sculpts & Auckland Open results

GW are getting better and better with their new releases this year. I think they hit bang on the mark with the new plastics expected this weekend. Here are the long awaited pics for you forest dwellers.

Eternal Guard
 Sisters of the Thorn
 Wild riders

Auckland Open Fantasy Doubles results

1st Paul D & Rowan - Lizardmen & Ogres
2nd Kelly & Erdem - Ogres and High Elves
3rd Frank & Glenn - High Elves & Lizardmen
4th Ron & Phil - Dark Elves & Brettonians

Great outing and a very different and change of pace from a normal tournament. Thanks Derick for running the tournament and to the East Auckland Elites for hosting it. Looking forward to next years with anticipation.
Another good turnout for 40K.
 Lotsa fun was had
 Bret bus and the unkillable Peasants
Richard's Chaos
 Top looking armies at the event
 Daft Punk new video 'Robots!'

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