Friday, 25 April 2014

Auckland Open this Weekend

Another Tournament weekend up here in Auckland. This time hosted by the East Auckland Elites. It will be all Warhammer this weekend at the Remuera Commerce club. Nova WH40k run by Robert Power & WHFB doubles run by Derick Williams of the Auckland City Guard Club. Both tournaments are pretty chocka. It's going to be a good two days of games.

If you ever want to enjoy some good games and lotsa fun then put this on your Calendar next year.

For this tournament I will be playing in the doubles and teaming up with newcomer Ron. I will be fielding Bretonnians and Ron will be rollicking some Darkies : ) We've been doing a few practice games during club weekends in the lead up and the armies are just what we intended. They are just a bit of fun, inline with the philosophy of don't be that 'Dick'. It's much more relaxing and enjoyable to game. I just don't know how you WAAC players do it without severe hobby wobbles.

Not much Hobby time the last few weeks but I have been working on some stuff and even managed to drag out the Warriors for a few coats.

 Based the Chimera with some poly & plaster.

 Found my Ice Queen, sweet! Chain based.

Simply Scheme and DP base coated.

Not bad for a quick coupla nights.

I also stumbled on some of the Pics from this Years 'Crystal Brush'. Very high level of paint and it would have been monumental!

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