Monday, 31 March 2014

Blood Bowl Season Starts Sunday the 6th

Aucklands ABBF league for Blood Bowlers starts this Sunday at the local club. So there's going to be a big bunch of Sports fans splashing onto the field at the Auckland City Guard Club. All 16 coaches for this season, which is huge! I'm a bit of a noob so will be fielding once again my Elves. Hoping that second season with them might actually teach me how to play >.< Excite! You can find the Blood Bowl NZ forums Here.

Here's my team that I made last year. They definitely need more work.

I got distracted and and made a Khorne team outta stuff from the bits box. Need a Bloodthirster to complete it. A mate might come through with the model, fingers crossed.

A bit of quick hobby means I get to flash together some new toys I picked up from the Equinox bring and buy table. I really don't need these but they are so cool and couldn't resist.

Not really that good in game, but they look amazing! Vanguard vets.

 I thought I'd check out what Reaper miniatures were about. Great sculpt for minimalist cost. I'll use it for my second Dragon Mage. Can't complain but GW with hard plastic and better detail is still worth it's price.

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