Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Muster & Adepticon 2014 Pics

Day light savings means it's only 10:30. So I managed to take a photo of the Bret muster in full swing. Not to mention I've got a stack of photo's from the massive Adepticon. Thanks to the tournament site for some action pics. Glad to see that our NZ tournaments look very similar but just a tad smaller.

Movement bases beginning to be fixed. Lots more to do but coming together.
Keen to get some Warlord games ancient Germanics to make mounted yeoman. 

Warhammer Fantasy Gaming hall.

Chaos Dwarves
 Those are some pretty sweet Ogres.

 Frosty loving some thunderstomp action.

Wow hall envy.

Insane freehand. 
Blue table painting. Always do a top job.

During Adepticon there is also a major painting competition. For all of those out there that are interested it's the ' Crystal Brush', Miniature painting awards. A great incentive of $10,000 for 1st place guarantees a top field every year. Here's some of the pic's and last years winner.

Just some sneaked peeks of this years entries.

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