Saturday, 31 August 2013

New Space Marines drop in!!

Well these are already up on the GW site but omg! They are jaw dropping awesome and I'll have to get me some and even two of some sets. There has been internet usual trashing of the mini's in the rumour pics so I have to put these pics up for longevity. They look bloody frakking awesome!! Wow I'm even surprised at my insta pew pew attraction.

Sternguard Vets

Vanguard Vets

On another note I got sent this recently and must share ... I'm geeking out at the sheer scale.


  1. I'd always envisaged the Battlestar Galactica as bigger than that.

  2. Thanks for sharing that diagram, fascinating.

  3. That chart is seriosuly awesome. Did you see the rumour of the 10,000 Euro Chapter force GW are going to put up on the site?

  4. Hey Guys, Sorry for such a late reply but my google chrome has security issues posting on blogs.

    Battlestar is 3x the size of most Star Trek ships but I know what you mean. I had similar thoughts esp after it was able to take the brunt of a cylon nuke.

    No worries mate, I share pretty much everything on this blog, esp all my unfinished wip's. That must drive most people crazy :)

    I've been keeping an eye on your blog regularly mate. I would comment more but as I said with security issues with chrome that I use I rarely comment even on my own blog.
    GW merchandise is cheap to buy and play in Europe & the states. It's just us 3rd worlders in Australasia that gets smacked with plasticrackle prices. The one press battleforce currently up on the site makes me realise how much I spend on the hobby... Just don't tell the missus!