Sunday, 11 August 2013

WHFB ETC 2013 Novi Sad Serbia

The European team Championships are under way this year in Novi sad, Serbia.

Team NZ for this year:-

Simon Turner - Beastmen
David Meachen - Deamons of Chaos
Michael Stewart - Empire
Mark Audley - Bretonnians
James Humphries - Warriors of Chaos
Mal Patel - Lizardmen
Haig McLisky - Ors & Goblins
Tim Joss - Chaos Dwarves

Team Captain - Chris wilcox

Team NZ in black, Go Boys!

Finding it hard to get a hold of results but here are some of the photos:-

Our local Lizardman supremo amongst the Welsh team. 

Just a few people turned up for this event...

 Team NZ in action

 Friday ETC party

I'll try to dig up some results but they are hard to get so far. Team NZ is fighting to get to the top of the table. The usual teams it seems Poland & Germany are in the running at the top after day one as expected.

Just managed to find the standings after the first day.

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