Friday, 30 August 2013

Warriors of Chaos WIP part a million... & Board Games.

Those Warriors of mine are getting more work in anticipation of a upcoming tournament GuardCon. But as a hobby heroe and taking no notice of internet list filth I've put some work on my Forsaken. I bet I'm the only person in the country with a unit of these : P

I used the old posable warriors as I'm not much of a fan of the one pose current edition plastics. These old models make superb alround mini's for core troops. So not liking the new forsaken models I've used a lot of posessed and spawn parts to get the look I want. More green stuff to go but not bad so far.

Board Game of the Week: Dungeon Petz

Yup it's a whacky as game and highly addictive. Raise your Monster to a bustling brute and sell em off to earn you moolah. There's a whole assortment of different gribblies out there and you decide which one to buy in young raise em big in your cavernous dungeon. Resource and worker placement game with a twist. You need to also be quick on your wits in the bidding war as each monster comes up to get a decent deal. Really love the multiple dimensions this game offers and it already is pulling in a lot of interest world wide. I won't be surprised if it comes in as the game of the year. You should definitely go and try it if you can.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars outta 5.

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