Tuesday, 3 September 2013

GuardCon in three weeks!

GuardCon is in three weeks and it's looking like its gonna be another biggie here up in Auckland.

If you haven't signed up there is still space for two great days of wargaming.

Here's the list of players from the Tournament Site:  http://www.aucklandcityguard.com/guardcon-2013-t499.html

Brian Smith
Dan Leigh
Michael Coxon-Baines
Bobby Grindrod
5Antony Kitson
James Cardno
Nick Munn
Aaron Cue
Russell Simister
10Isaac Nannestad
Kelly Gragg
Christian Pride
Li Xing
Anthony Davy
15Pascal Roggen
Tu Tamase
Scott Birrell
David Hillier
Izzy O'day
20Kieran Justice
Paul Dalton
Stephen Hastings
Chris Ellis
Aaron Peters
25Dean Laurie
Shane Laurie
Elliot Harvey
Shane Paterson
Dory Fisher
30James Ryder
Cory Buchanan
Nick Booth
Andrew Auggters
Auggters Jnr
35Andrew Duncan
Robbie Duncan
Rob Shirley
Mike Haycock
Steve Hill
40Rob Sadler
Rob Overden
Kevin King
Gervais Laird
Eloise Ehlers
45Daniel Hayden
Doug Sainsbury
Ming Zhang
Jed Stanton
Todd Lyons
50Richard Barby
Dan Blomfield
Paul Davison
Neil Heineman
Stephen Gillian
55Gavin Van Rossum
Lee Jacques
Paul Newman
Marlin Fisher
Dan Maguire
60Isaac Henderson
Steve Eyles
Kyle Wilson
James Davison
Saul Everett
65Stan Van Der Ham
Chris Ward
Simon Dennerly
Mathew Lenton
Ivan Soo
70Steve Davis
Daniel Duncan
Michael Sheahan
Daniel Ratcliffe
Clay Goulding
75Hamish Wright
Howard Mair
Charlie Mair
Phil Wu
Derick Williams
80Glen Tibbles
Nick Irvine
Peter Walsh
Greg Hagg
Rob Torrance
85Dean Carson
Mike Galbraith
Steve Chambers

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