Sunday, 4 August 2013

Double the Phoenix - WIP

I don't like wasting parts and the double kits these days are a boon. I had already made a Frostheart Phoenix from the kit and it also contains the incomplete parts to make a Flamespyre. Luckily in the spare bits box I had a unused IOB Griffon body. Mad frankenstein science inpired me to double the Phoneix with only the one kit. Here's how I'm going with hobby recently.

IOB Griffon and wings minus the rider. Included are the extra parts you get in the dual Phoenix kit.

Make a decisive cut through your sparrow.

Flamespyre wings merge with Griffon wings ready for greenstuff.

Green stuff some feather tips and it doesn't merge too badly.

The beginnings of feathers on the big bird. A fair start but a lot to go.

Repositioned legs and it looks good proportions wise.

More to come later. But I'm very excited to have a unique almost finished Flamespyre on the bench.
Started work on my centre piece for my carry tray. After playing in a tournament recently I learnt that 5+ armour might be better than I once thought. Seaguard are dug up and could be a essential part of the current army make up after its below average rating in the 7th ed book.

Got a few Heavy weaps teams recently for a bargain and made a few changes to go in the IG allies.

Also for those of you who are after some local content watch some of the great battle reports and hobby guides from local guy Davethebartender on you tube

Lotsa mucking around but nothing solid decided yet for GuardCon. I've got more High elves and Warriors on the table.


  1. Really nice conversion work Phil

    1. Cheers Jeff, glad you like. Conversions is probably my favourite part of the hobby and it always gets me into slotting in more games. With the new Lizardman book out you'll be on the hobby more than most at the moment.

  2. Brilliant idea with the Phoenix, and one I fully intend to borrow when and if I ever get round to buying a GW Phoenix kit.

  3. No worries there Tane. I had a look at Stumpy heaven and how John was painting up one phoenix to be able to represent both. It gave me a bit of inspiration to do the project. It's always good to have GW's dual kits adding to the hobby appeal.