Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Boardgame Tuesday

Board Gaming a bit and it was club tonight. As always there was a swarf of new games at the club. I managed to get in games of two of them. Both were pretty damn cool actually and the great thing about the club is I needn't buy them just yet until i get a few more games under my belt.

Board game of the week: Nothing Personal

Kick starter has just been shipped of this game. Italian Mobster themed game concentrating on your gang with the Capo (Captain) at the top and all the crew. An unusal worker placement type game where you direct your influence to earn respect points and money. These varies from the Gansta's that are in play and the positions they occupy. To top it off you can try and move on up or just try and put a cap in your opposition. Very cool game and we all had some Sopranoesque quoting fun.

Rating: Family entertainment 3.5 outta 5 stars. Definitely worth another few games.


If you've played Dominion then this game will be an easy learn for you. All the cards are just replaced with 6 sided dice with varying effects on each side. The added dynamic of having levels that you can roll up makes risk management all the more fun. We played the quicker game and will try the harder longer version next time. Very well presented game and will appeal to the collector in us all. All the different dice!

Rating: 3.5 outta 5

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