Friday, 7 September 2012

GuardCon whose coming

The year's fizzing by and it's almost time for GuardCon once again. This year we have the biggest Warhammer 40K event in the country so far and the doubles format is really taking off. It might be the new release of 6th edition which has drawn me back into the ranks of Pew Pew but we look forward to it getting even bigger in our future tournaments. The tournament has a great spread of different armies attending too.

Heres a break down of the armies coming to the GuardCon 40K doubles:-

Chaos Marines = 3
Grey Knights =7
Blood Angels =6
Black Templar=2
Dark Angels=3
Space Marines=9
Dark Eldar=2
Space Wolves=3

The Warhammer Fantasy event did have over 40 players entered but due to busy real lives and timing we saw a whopping 16 players having to drop out almost last minute. Still a very competitive field. Here's the break down of the armies coming at the moment bar a few late lists.

Daemons 1
Ogres 4
BRet  1
WoC  3
VC   4
WE   2
HE 3
O&G 4
Emp 1
Tk 1

With the reintroduction of the Green Stone cup at Guardcon we have a big tournament of Blood Bowl at the venue as well. Along with the LOTR NZ GT, Flames of War and Warmachine also in good numbers the hall will be packed with avid Wargamers. A special mention must go out to the  travellers from all around the country and the large horde of Mainlanders the Convention is gonna be hosting. We look forward to some good ol fashion fun wargaming next weekend.


  1. ah, only one Daemon player... played for and got!

    Gonna smash me some Deathstars with my Comets of doom!

  2. Also wasn't expecting 4 orc players either

  3. make that 5.....

    am in