Wednesday, 12 September 2012

GuardCon 2 days and counting.

Not long now avid wargamers before tournament day. Wargamers are out in force this weekend and there is no less than 6 tournaments to chose from this time around. GuardCon has had a history of being just a 30-40 man WH Fantasy tournament in the past but as the community has developed we have seen steady numbers in a good variety of Gaming systems growing. The Auckland City Guard Club our hosts for the convention  is located in the central city where it's easy to get for all and as a fact supports all wargaming systems with a huge access to 50 table tops. The Club is open every Sunday for anyone who is wargaming keen (there are a few Sundays the hall is unavailable).
This year sees a massive interest in Warhammer 40K with it's new 6th edition release. A popular reintroduction has drawn 60 to the field alone and even has me amped and you can have a look at the new set I'm working on here. The numbers are also steady for all the other tournaments and for a change WHFB takes a back seat to the main draw card which is pew  pew pew this year. Matt the Umpire for WH40K is pumped and will have your name tag waiting at the door. With interest high and 100+ at the convention, I've noticed  excited tones around the cities wargaming stores and a steady series of practice games being played, and it's awesome to see.

Warhammer Fantasy at Guardcon is not as over-brimming with players as previous tournaments and with an expected 26 attending this year it still offers a competitive challenge for all the players around the country attending. With unusually dim battle fires coming from the Tron this year, the annual Van Trapp holiday trip from Wellywood up to Auckland has also de-materialised. I suspect it's something to do with the stiff challenge they will have to face that is Auckland wargaming. So with that little snippet I present to you the links to the Players Pack here and also the current round up of lists attending here. For all those smart skittles , yes there is still late lists and a decision soon will be made if the judicial axe will fall.

So without further ado lets get to some juicy Warhammer Fantasy predictions for the tournament.

"Post Australian sabbatical",

Not long ago a talented Warhammer player from Auckland City Guard Club made a transition to over the ditch. Much like SBW he did it for the money and had discovered over there the prevalence for peer comp was just too many shoulder charges instead of a proper tackle. For Guardcon our mirror of SBWness has returned to the hardcap based tournament in the city of sails. Swinging a hand bag of Ogre proportions this weekend, I am predicting a series of fancy foot work, ripped jerseys, and a podium finish. Followed swiftly after with a  fast contract to a Japanese club for the easy money afterwards.

"There will be another Captain Soft Scores (CSS)",

If you have been playing in tournaments for a couple of years you'll be familiar with the paragon of etiquette and exuding school boy innocent charm of CSS. Three whole hours of wargaming would have gone pleasantly by where you've been treated to the most fantastical serene adventure in wargaming where whatever the result you wouldn't hesitate to offer a best sports vote and an introduction to yours or anyone else's daughter. Well I have news for you this has changed. The rigours of 8th has taken a toll and there's no tea and cup cakes with the little finger up anymore, no sir. Been on wargaming fire of late, it will be smash face here and MSU with some Strangle roots here and a podium there. Just remember Nick when you podium that the soft scores have better prizes.

"Orcs & Gob is where the Waagh is at",

Did you hear right, is this the gathering of the Waaaghh?? Yup it's Orkland alright and we have warmachine's cranking into the midnight hours preparing for the battle this weekend, all in multiples of two... With such a dominant statistical advantage of Greenskin armies it will be the best chance ever for them to trade in the slow rickety moving boar chariot for a high speed Mangler Squig. My pick wildcard podium.


  1. I assume that, given the pistols, Paul Daltons Maneaters have Poison/Sniper? Its not on the list.

    Otherwise, I can't wait to get this show on the road!!!!

  2. @Meals

    My fault there on the transfer and it's been fixed on the Google doc. It should read Scout and Poison. Get the show on the road mate!

  3. Scout? interesting but my characters are happy!

    See ya Saturday, mate, hangover and all!