Monday, 17 September 2012

GuardCon a Weekend of Wargames Part1

WHFB GuardCon 2012

Here is the round up of the podiums:-

1st: Tim Joss
2nd: Simon Kwok
3rd: Russ Simister

Just so you know how close it was there was 2 points that separated 1st and 2nd. Both 3rd placed and 4th placed had 4 wins and 2 relatively big losses during the weekend to round off a very close competition.

Best Sport: Aaron Peters (TO for upcoming Arch Enemy)
Best Paint: Ryan Simister

 Just a few games happening...

Always time to talk about the weather and your horde of troops...

NZ Miniature Showcase

The kick starter for the very first NZ miniature painting competition. We had well over 40 entries and some artists who hadn't entered in time but got the chance to show off some of their work at the venue as well.
I'll have a good write up soon but for now here is the results and one of the special mention entries.

Best Overall Miniature: Atreyu Bennett with, "Ork Mek".

Best Large Miniature: Michael Sheahan with, " Swarm Lord".

Young Bloods: Isaac Nannestad with, " DE Wych".

Special mention: Matt Robinson with, " Eldar Titan".

Here's the Shaggoth!

Sports wear for all occassions. Chas "Mr Sports", getting the precise measurements.

Greenstone Cup back at GuardCon where it belongs.

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