Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dark Vengeance, Snazzy!

Better than Bok choy with noodles is the new starter set for WH40k. The mini-rulebook is a God send as the brick that was the full size rule book is just that a brick. So my delicate nerd arms can have the rest they require to function its blinging out the useable mini in the foreseeable future.

The miniatures themselves are just that much more of a step in the right direction in technology. The details are crisp and durable and you know that it won't have the delicacy issues like some materials. I think I could trust any 10 year old with these models or even an unco-gamer like us all.

I kept the Dark Angels in the set and my mate took the Chaos and I'm very happy with what was in the box set. The characters are all in plastic and it shows that this material is definitely my pick of all the materials out there at the moment. It does all the details on the Independent Characters in all their deserved glory.

So since I really am not keen to torture you guys with a video showing my hand and me fiddling with plastic sprues, I've only got pictures and some short sharp commentary for you to enjoy.

Can anyone say that's good value GW, Three Characters just like that.

These terminators are the bomb and just with a few hammers dispersed amongst them they''l be perfect.

 These guys all have moulded shoulder pads. Starting up a DA army has never been so easy.

Just to top it all off Raven Wing gives the rest of my old bikes in the collection something to do. Anyone have the conversion kits they would like to get rid off?

Took me about an Hour and half to assemble it all. The snap fit is a perfect fit and for those who are fussy then some green stuff will tidy those bits that might see slightly out of place. For me it was take the mould lines off and its ready for the painting table.

I'm waiting on Army lists for the tournament I'm running in a week and a half and this was the perfect distraction. For all those guys attending the reason you haven't got the complete spread sheet of army lists is because I'm just waiting for that last couple. You know who you are.


  1. Jeepers, the ones you are waiting for must be being docked huge points!!

  2. Just 10% I think Sam. Although I think (Hope) there may be some late entries to fill up places holding it up. Hmm, 1 week left to finish painting...

  3. What about those Dark Angels lads? I suppose I contributed to the hijack a little. Timing of this year is some what of a contributor to average attendance at Guardcon this year. A lot of people have had to pull out of the tournament for real life reasons due to family, work, travel and unexpected events. GuardCon is still at 140+ which is I suspect the largest tournament so far this year in NZ, so not too shabby me thinks. So if we howl as loud as the guys who celebrate a 30 man convention, our tournament will need party poppers and a stack of balloons. For you guys since you read my blog I'll make sure you all get army lists this weekend ;)