Thursday, 6 September 2012

Elves are back in black.

Been neglecting the High Elves recently so thought I'd have to bring them out and do some work on them. Having a variety of armies to choose from I thought it'll be perfect time as my local club was holding a mid winter 2400pt league to bring out my Dragon. She's called 'Betsy", and she's mighty fun at a BBQ.

The list hasn't done too badly but noone has too obnoxious a shooting list I've faced so far. So we're approaching the final round of the League and it will be top of the table play off this Sunday against Warriors. I don't know about any Elven players out there but Warriors of Chaos usually are my nemesis. Too much armour and number of attacks and good access to magic means that my fragile army is usually whittled down pretty early in the game.

I've got quite alot of High Elf Silverhelm bits so I'd thought to put them to good use. This week I decided to make a unit of Nobles still inhabiting the old world. It goes with the theme if there is a theme in my army of a veteran army of Old world Elves fighting for their adopted homeland against all comers. The newly aquired horses and weapons are not classic Ulthuan and the Nobles in game will represent Dragon Princes. WIP of course.

 So going along with the eclectic lines I've also noticed that in the New White Dwarf there is a bristling army of Bretonnians. Surely that is a prelude to the next Fantasy release and all you rumour collectors can definitely help us out in that regard. I decide I'd go through my Bretonnain army and that I needed a Second Trebuchet, here's the WIP.

Not that I get side tracked but since I was doing a army clear out I stumbled on my Warriors army and the yet to be completed unit of Warriors with hand weapon and shields. Bad boys need a few more in their numbers me thinks.

Really a Zig Zagging type of hobby week for me it seems.

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