Monday, 14 November 2011

The Unusual Suspects...

New Zealand Wargaming Masters 2011 is around the corner. Masters includes a field for Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and Flames of War. This year along with Steve C (who will be looking after the Flames competition), I've got the esteemed honour of hosting some of the Cream of the crop in our hobby and it will be battle royale with time for snacks and beverages on Devonport just over the bridge from Auckland City. Here are some of the contestants deserving of wildcard entries into the competition.

So introducing some of the talent...

Ryan S (Lizardmen)- A past winner of the NZ Masters title, Ryan is no stranger to the crucible that is the Masters Stage. Academic commitments has seen him miss a few of the local tournaments this year but don't underestimate his skills as I'm sure he'll be right up there contesting the podium.

Pete D (Squeeek)- Progenitor to the Masters scene in NZ and a great Tournament organiser in Wellington. We all will be watching our cheese as he will surely be bringing an army of rats in his suitcase to Auckland for the event. This year sees Pete contest the tournament and everyone will look to gauge their skills against his Skaven.

Phil C (Daemons)- Well known celebrity with some silky painting skills ol' Philfy has been off shore for most of the tournament year. It's going to be a fantastic welcome back for this stalwart as he makes the change from Aussie to 8th edition Hammer time as soon as he steps back on NZ soil.

Henry P (O&G ?)- Holding the O&G Icon up until GuardCon recently, Henry will look to display some solid form at his very first Masters event. There has been talk of play testing and with ETC styled armies attending,  the army of choice could be replaced with a possible host of alternatives.

Hagen K (Wolves)- I first met Hagen in Christchurch and then formally at one of my first tournaments Tin Soldiers in Auckland. He took three Stegadons in that list if I remembered right and it kept my Dragon well fed due to some lucky dice. Fantastic presence behind the scenes developing and promoting the game he'll not be a stranger to competitive play.

Jack D (the Younger)- 40K will be his game this year and so no Father and Son battles but the rivalry will still be there I bet. Don't discount the skills just because he has had some time off.

David Wilson (Sisters)- Another solid warhammer veteran from the 'Auckland Elites'. Attending his very first Masters will see him contesting it with the best.

Matt R (Eldar) - Fresh from running the biggest Doubles 40K tournament in NZ, Matt will pit his Eldar against the best. Watch out those who count him lightly as I'm sure he'll bring some fighting starch and lots of lances.

Will have more Masters 2011 updates soon.

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