Monday, 14 November 2011

Facing up to the 'Big Fellas'...

Ogre Kingdoms come storming outta the Mountains of mourn with a crash and a bang. Looking for a new meal these boys are expected to be the next band wagon army of the new GW releases for 8th edition. They have been given some very cool levelling toys such as shooting, cavalry, big beasties and a fairly useable magic deck. So lets find out if they are more competitive than their 7th edition counterparts.

The nature of the army really does make collecting a new Ogre army very attractive. With big easy to paint models and the fact that you can make a small model count competitive tournament army, it becomes very attractive plus feasible. Gone are the expectations of spending a year(s) modelling up a presentable force. With more projects than I can count with fingers I went straight to the alternative route and went and found some opponents with OK and got my fix of Warhammmer action.

There has been talk on the interwebs that Ogres are a in your face army and as with a meal the shortest distance is straight ahead if you're looking for a quick snack. This strategy has been all the rage in 7th and early 8th edition and frankly that's what I would have thought would still be the case with the new book. From the few games I've gotten in, you canny trust those rumours and a wise dog has many tricks.

From the different builds I've faced Ogres have improved markedly. The wider choice of magical capabilities, choice of Monsters and the long range 24" Leadbelchers (who very much resemble Daemonic flamers) the Army packs a punch. I was very impressed with the tactical advantages added by the new book which gives the Big fellas all three phases to plan their attack now. Whether it be Magic, shooting, Combat or a combination of all three they are very competitive. 

Get in a game, they are well worth it.

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