Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Cheese Grater.

NZ Masters is only two and a half weeks away and most of the tournament lists are already in. This week I thought I'd introduce some of the contestants that I think will be pushing very close to the podium. With the inaugural Masters Trophies up for grabs, I'm sure that anyone able to capture the title will be pleased with the Silverware on their mantle piece.

Not in any Particular order:

Antony K (Budha's)- I was fortunate enough to have learnt most of my Warhammer from whom I term the 'Gouda Master'. I was taught some hard lessons on the battlefield when I first joined the City Guard which Antony helped to found. His experience and level of play was good tactical lessons for anyone wanting to start or improve on their game. To do well this year on the Masters stage he'll have to put behind him the 'Seaguard Phobia' That I've instilled into the back of his mind. With a new found army and assured Wargaming pedigree he'll push very hard the top of the table come day2.

Dan B (Daemons)- Always a gentleman and sporting an army of Daemons are contradictions in itself. As the great Sun Zhu alluded to 'always keep your opponent off balance and your plans unseen'. The results this year is a testament of the great understanding Dan has for his fearsome host and only rolls of dice will determine a podium or top finish for this consummate gamer.

Basil M- The other top player from Christchurch and all though no trophies in the cabinet this year Masters will be a level playing field. With a more compact scoring matrix for the masters a more tactical and preprepared strategy will certainly be a winner of the two day event. Basils calm measured tactics will see that his army will be challenging the favourites.

Charlie S(Orks)- A child prodigy, Charlie was born grasping a plastic miniature on his exit of the womb. No one knows how the miniature got there or how every now and again another new miniature would appear in his hands during his childhood seemingly from no where. For the Masters he has gathered all these mystical plastics (by Mork & Gork) and assembled an army. Who's to say that this will not be his year again to defend his title.

Doug S (Marines?)- Leading a powered armoured force seems to be his strength and this year has seen Doug climb upto the top ranks of 40K generals in NZ. With a well documented armoured convoy ready to contest the Masters whose to not say that armnoured bulwarks may turn the tide come December. My pick to be at the top tables on day 2.

Haydn K (Eldar)- Another great player who also organises his fair share of events. Good to see him getting some time to also steer his force to the top ranks this year. The combination of mechanised Space elves and tactical play has me believing that the Eldar have the tools to make it a podium this year.

Nb: Just a reminder that all competitors lists are due tomorrow Friday.

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