Thursday, 17 November 2011

Masters 2011, Part 1.

The Masters Wargaming tournament in New Zealand is a relatively young concept. This year being its 4th incarnation and first time held outside of Wellington central NZ. The competition includes Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and the Flames of War systems and is competed for by the Top 10 ranked players in the country along with a certain number of wildcards lucky enough to be invited as well. I was priviliged to be invited to the competition in the very first year that I started serious tournament going and that was in 2009 where I managed to place relatively well gaining 2nd in the WFB competition behind the eventual winner Ryan S.

This year The Masters event takes its first trip to Auckland in northern NZ and the city of sails will host the event in picturesque Devonport on the Shore. The requirements are the same and the top 10 ranked players in the country will gain automatic entries into the competition along with the previous years winners. Due to an ever increasing demand for the dollar in maintaining a quality event the field has been increased to 16 players in each of the Warhammer tournaments and FoW remains at a 14 man tournament. A clear and defined process was used to establish the competing field. Possible Masters qualifiers were contacted over a serious of emails confirming their availability months in advance, right up to and including the close of the year for ranking points on the 30th of October. Due to the short turn around that rankings posed and the potential air travel needed the competitors are to be congratulated on their undoubted wargaming skill and also their dedication. I am very happy to say that the field this year includes a majority of the top 10 and those wildcards who are also attending either have their respective number 1 icons in the country or come from a well deserved community background that will see them lack for not experience or tactical acumen.

Introducing this years esteemed field.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

Mal P                      
Daniel B                  
Basil M                    
James P                  
Jeremy B                    
Daryl P                  
Antony K              
Nick I              
Glen T                
Thom V                
Henry P                    
Tim L                      
Joe D                      
Pete D
Ryan S
Phil C

Warhammer 40,000:

Andrew B
Doug S
Charlie S
Damien A
David W
Jack D
David D
Daniel H
Robert P
Mark B                              
David F
Hagen K
Tristan S
Henare A
Matt R                     
Haydn K

Flames of War:

Nick G
Mike H
Rob S
Bob P
Paul M
Steve H
Rob S
Dominic W
Philip P
Kit G
Dan M
Tony V
Isaac H
Lance K

Congratulations & Good luck to all attending.

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  1. Looking forward to this, it's going to be awesome!