Tuesday, 15 November 2011

They come from all around...

4 weeks to go before NZ Masters kicks off for another year. All the competitors are raring to go, so here's a few more introductions to the field.

Joe D (Warriors ?)- Fresh from attending the ETC and representing NZ, we have one half of Double Dixon joining us this year. Always a meticulous gamer I would expect some very nimble footwork from Joe as always. Unexpected tactics and solid generalship has been a constant in his game.

Mal P (Lizardmen) - Solid finishes and an amassed cupboard full of silverware has seen Mal top the NZ rankings this year. I have heard that there has been a unsuspected weakness against the rats recently, but that's only a whisper. The TAB money will definitely be pretty favourable here. Christchurch has had a tough year, but it hasn't stopped its wargamers from success which is very heartening for sure.

David F (Eldar?) - Some solid finishes has seen Dave place in the top ranks of NZ 40K. His work behind the scenes in NZ wargaming earns him lots of respect on and off the battlefield.

Mark B (Nids) - Always keen for a game and this year is no different. Some top podium finishes early in the tournament year had already secured the Bugs a Masters berth. Lets see if the swarm can wipe the 40K armies massing for Masters to claim a top finish.

Just a reminder for those attending, the 25th of November is the date your lists are due.

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