Saturday, 26 November 2011

Masters 2011 Part 2

So there's been a stack of Army lists arrived into my inbox last night. Some very solid armies and some that will require more delicate manoeuvring. These are the lists that will contest the Fantasy Masters and Tomorrow I'll have the 40K lists up as well.

Antony Kitson: Ogres

Slaughter Master (Lvl4)      385
Fencers Blades, Glittering Scales, Dragon Bane Gem, Potion of Strength, Sceptre of Stability.

Firebelly (Lvl 1)                  147
Additional Hand Weapon, Dispell Scroll.

Bruiser                                190
BsB, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Dragon Helm, 5+ward, Potion of Foolhardiness.

Bruiser                                142
Heavy Armour, Additional Hand Weapon, Giant Breaker, Potion of Speed.

11x Bulls                          382
Standard, Musician, Champion, Iron Fists.
9x IronGuts                      432
Standard, Musician, Champion, Standard of Discipline.

3x Lead Belchers             129
3x Lead Belchers             129
2x Mournfangs                 140
Iron Fists, Heavy Armour.

1x Sabretooth                   21
1x Sabretooth                   21
1x Sabretooth                   21

Gorger                              90
Ironblaster                        170                                         Total: 2399

Basil Moskovis: Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord (Lvl 3)                        445pts
Sword of Might, Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Preservation, The other Tricksters Shard, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Summon Ghouls.

Wight King                                          225pts
BsB, The Drakenhof Banner

Caine Wraith                                      60pts

Necromancer                                    95pts
Dispell Scroll, Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Danse Macabre.

28x Grave Guard                              439pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons, The Banner of the Burrows.

40x Crypt Ghouls                              328pts

25x Crypt Ghouls                              208

15x Crypt Ghouls                              128pts

3x Spirit Hosts                                    195pts
Corpse Cart                                        75pts
Black Coach                                       200pts                 Total: 2398pts

Daryl Painter: Dwarves

Dwarf Lord                                         246pts
Sheild Bearers,Great Weapon,Ro Stone,MRo Spite, Ro Furnace, Ro Preservation.

Battle Std Bearer                              150pts
MRo Gromil,Ro Might, Ro Fire, Ro Furnace.

Runesmith                                          149pts
Great Weapon, Mro Balance, Ro Spellbreaking.

20x Quarrellers                                  285pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons.

20x Quarrellers                                  285pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Great Weapons

10x Rangers                                        120pts
Great Weapons, Throwing Axes.

30x Hammerers                                440pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Mro Grungi

30x Slayers                                          342pts
Std Bearer

Cannon                                                125pts
Ro Forging

Grudge Thrower                              125pts
Ro Accuracy, Ro Penetrating, Ro Burning

Organ Gun                                          120pts                      Total: 2387

Glen Tibbles:  Beastmen

Doombull                                            347pts
Axes of Khorgor, Dragonhelm, Talisman of preservation, Potion of Speed.

Great Bray Shaman                         240pts
Dispell Scroll, Opal Amulet.

Wargor                                                 141pts
Brass Cleaver, Ramhorn Helm, Luck Stone.

Wargor                                                 206pts
BSB, Gnarled Hide, The Beast Banner

Gorebull                                              215pts
Armour of Silvered Steel.

37x Gor Herd                                     321pts
Standard, Musician, Champion.

10x Gor Herd                                     85pts

Tuskgor Chariot                                  80pts
Tuskgor Chariot                                  80pts
Tuskgor Chariot                                  80pts

6x Minotaurs                                      424pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Blackened Plate.

5x Harpies                                           70pts
Razorgor Herd                                     55pts
Razorgor Herd                                     55pts                         Toatl: 2399pts

James Page: Dark Elves

Supreme Sorceress (Lvl4)                 345pts
Life Taker, Sacrificial dagger, Seal of Ghrond.

Sorceress (Lvl2)                                 160pts
Dispell Scroll.

Hag Queen                                         200pts
Cauldron of Blood.

Hag Queen                                         150pts
BsB, Banner of Hag Graef.

29x Executioners                              376pts
Standard, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame.

5x Harpies                                           55pts

15 Repeater Crossbows                       160pts
Musician, Champion

25x Warriors                                       159pts
Standard, Musician.

25x Corsairs                                        290pts
Standard, Musician, The Sea Serpent Standard.

10 Shades                                            170pts
Additional Hand Weapon
10 Shades                                            160pts
War Hydra                                           175pts                            Total: 2400pts

Jeremy Brown: Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord (Lvl4)                         390pts
Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls, Helm of Command, Talisman of preservation, Cadverous Curaiss

Wight King                                          235pts
BsB, Great Weapon, Drakenhoff Banner

Vampire                                               175pts
Forbidden lore, Summon Ghouls, Dispell Scroll.
27x Ghouls                                          224pts

27x Ghouls                                          224pts

22x Skeletons                                    206pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Banner of Hellfire

5x Dire Wolves                                  40pts
5x Dire Wolves                                  40pts

28x Grave Guard                              439pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Banner of Burrows, Great Weapons.

Varghulf                                               175pts
5x Wraiths                                           250pts                           Total: 2398pts

Joe Dixon: Warriors

Chaos Lord                                          325pts
Mark of Tzeentch, Disc, Talisman of Preservation,
Charmed Shield, Crown of Command.

Sorcerer Lord                                     274pts
Heavens, Spell Familiar, Chaos Steed.

Exalted                                                 181pts
BSB, Chaos Steed, Shield, Dawnstone.

Sorcerer                                               120pts
Infernal Puppet

25x Warriors                                       450pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Mark of Tzeentch,

5x Marauder Horsemen                75pts
Mark of Slaanesh

5x Marauder Horsemen                75pts
Mark of Slaanesh

10x Knights                                         450pts
Champion, Musician, Mark of Tzeentch

10x Knights                                         450pts
Champion, Musician, Mark of Tzeentch                                 Total:2400pts

Henry Poor:  O&G

Orc Warboss                                      350pts
Wyvern, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Endurance, Sword of strife  

Orc Great Shamman (Lvl4)                 225pts
Earthing Rod

Black Orc Big Boss                            150pts
BSB, Crown of Command

Night Goblin Shaman                           75pts

Goblin big boss                                   53pts
Wolf, Shield, Light armour, Spear.

Goblin big boss                                   51pts
Wolf, Light armour, Spear.

35x Night Goblins                              170pts
Musician, Champion, Nets
 35x Night Goblins                             170pts
Musician, Champion, Nets

25x Orc Boys                                     210pts
Standard,Musician, Champion, Shields.

5x Wolf Riders                                    50pts

18x Black Orcs                                   261pts
Standard, Musician,Champion, Banner of Eternal Flame.

4x Trolls                                            140pts
 3x Goblin Wolf Chariots                    150pts
1x Wolf Chariot                                 50pts
1x Wolf Chariot                                 50pts

1x Doom Diver                                  80pts
1x Doom Diver                                  80pts

1x Rock Lobber                               85pts                                                       Total: 2400pts

Dan Butler: Daemons

Bloodthirster of Khorne, 450 pts
Immortal Fury, Obsidian Armour, Axe of Khorne

Herald of Khorne 165pts
BsB, Firestorm Blade, Armour of Khorne.

28x Bloodletters 391 pts
Standare, Musician, Champion, Icon of Endless War.

Herald of Tzeentch, 165 pts
Master of Sorcery(Shadow), Spell Breaker.

Herald of Slaanesh, 115 pts
Siren Song.

25x Daemonettes of Slaanesh, 343
Musician, Standard Bearer, Siren Standard.

5x Chaos Furies 60 pts
5x Chaos Furies 60 pts
1x Fiends of Slaanesh 55 pts
3x Fiends of Slaanesh 165pts
3x Nurglings, 105 pts
6x Flamers of Tzeentch, 225 pts
Pyrocaster                                                           Total: 2400pts.

Peter Dunn: Skaven

Grey Seer 310 pts
Earthing Rod, Talisman of Preservation.

Chieftain 87pts
Bsb, Standard of Discipline.

Plague Priest 299 pts
Plague Furnace, Flail, Dispel Scroll, Opal Amulet, Ironcurse Icon.

Warlock Engineer (Lvl 1)                115pts
Doomrocket, Warp-Energy Condenser.

Warlock Engineer                           65 pts
Brass Orb.

Warlock Engineer                           15 pts

20x Stormvermin                            215 pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Storm Banner.

28x Clanrats 146 pts
Standard, Musician, Champion

39x Skavenslaves                           80 pts

39x Skavenslaves                           80 pts

39x Skavenslaves                           80 pts

27x Plague Monks                          244 pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Plague Banner

9x Gutter Runners                           162 pts          
Sling , Poisoned Attacks
9x Gutter Runners                           162 pts          
Sling , Poisoned Attacks

1x Warp-Lightning Cannon              90 pts

Hell Pit Abomination                       250 pts
Warpstone Spikes                                                                           Total:2400pts

Nick Irvine: Wood Elves

High Born                             561pts
Shield, Lt Armour, Dragon Helm, Stone of Crystalmere, Sword of Might, Hail of Doom, Forest Dragon.

Noble                                    190pts
BsB, Armour of Destiny, Great Eagle

Spell Singer (Lvl2)                 150pts
Dispell Scroll

16x Dryads                            204pts

10x Glade Guard                              126pts
10x Glade Guard                              138pts
Standard, Musician.
12x Glade Guard                              178pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Banner of Eternal Flame.

10x Wildriders                                   321pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, War Banner.

Treeman                                              285pts
Great Eagle                                         50pts
Great Eagle                                         50pts
6x Way Watchers                               144pts                                   Total: 2397pts

Mal Patel: Lizardmen

Slann Lvl 4 Lore of Beast                315pts
Higher state of consciousness, Cube of Darkness

Old Blood                                            285pts
Cold One, Light Armour, Burning Blade of Chotec, Crown of Command,Talisman of Preservation.

Scar-veteran                                      186pts
BSB, Cold one, Armour of destiny,  Great Weapon.

Scar-Veteran                                     146pts
Cold-one , Gamblers Armour, the Other Trickster shard,  Great Weapon.

Scar-Veteran                                      161pts
Cold-one, Light Armour, Dawnstone , Dragonhelm, Venom of the Firefly, Great weapon.

28x Saurus warriors                         338pts
 Standard, Muscian, Champion
11x Skink Skirmishers                     88pts
Javelins and Shields                                                                                       
11x Skink Skirmishers                     88pts
Javelins and Shields
11x Skink Skirmishers                     88pts
Javelins and Shields

3x Terradons                                    90pts                                                                                                                     
3x Terradons                                    90pts                                                                                                                                                     
5 Cold-one Cavalry                          175pts                                                                                                                   

Ancient Stegadon                              275pts
Salamander                                       75pts                             Total: 2400pts.

Phil Commins: Daemons

Keeper of Secrets (Lvl3)                  590pts
Allure of Slaanesh, Soul Hunger, Torment Blade,.

Herald of Slaneesh                           215pts
BSB, Steed of Slaneesh, Greater Icon of Despair.

Herald of Tzeentch                          185pts
Disc of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Spell Breaker.

Herald of Khorne                             100pts

5x Flamers of Tzeentch                    175pts
2x Fiends of Slannesh                      110pts
1x Fiends of Slaneesh                      55pts

5x Seekers of Slaneesh                    169pts
Standard, Champion, Siren Standard.

27x Pink Horroes                              363pts
Standard, Champion,  Icon of Sorcery.
27x Bloodletters                               373pts
Standard, Champion, Skull Totem.

5x Chaos Furies                                 60pts                        Total: 2395pts

Thom Van Roekel: Dwarves

Runelord                                             263
Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking, Rune of Spell Breaking.

Thane                                   160
BsB, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Challenge, Rune of Fire.

Master Engineer                              70

Dragon Slayer                                60
Rune of Fire, Rune of Speed.

Dragon Slayer                               50
Dragon Slayer                               50

20x Dwarf Warriors                      225
Great Weapons, Veteran, Standard Bearer, Musician

10x Quarrellers                             110

28x Longbeards                            439
Great Weapon, Veteran, Standard Bearer, Musician, Master Rune of Grungni.

29x Hammerers                            378
Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician.

5x Miners                                      55
5x Miners                                      55

Cannon                                         110
Engineer, Rune of Burning.

Cannon                                         115
Engineer, Rune of Reloading .

Organ Gun                                    120
Gyrocopter                                    140                              Total: 2400pts

Timothy Lind  : Empire

Arch Lector of Sigmar,                   319 pts
War Altar, Mace of Helstrum, Dragonhelm, The Other Trickster's Shard.

Wizard Lord (Lvl4)                         255 pts
Seal of Destruction,

Captain of the Empire,                    163 pts
Pegasus, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery.

Captain of the Empire                      125 pts
Bsb, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Dawnstone

Master Engineer,                             65 pts

39x Halberdiers,                             260 pts
Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion.
5 [Det] Archers  (Skirmishers)

17x Swordsmen,                              173 pts
Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion.
5 [Det] Archers (Skirmishers)

30x Flagellant Warband,                  300 pts
5x Pistoliers,                                    90 pts

1x Great Cannon,                            100 pts
1x Great Cannon,                            100 pts
1x Mortar,                                       75 pts
1x Mortar,                                       75 pts
1 Steam Tank,                                 300 pts       
Engineer Commander (Repeater Pistol)                               Total: 2400pts

Ryan Simister - Lizardmen

Slann                                           300
Higher State of Consciousness,Crown of Command
Saurus Old Blood                         250
Light Armour, Burning Blade Of Chotec, Cold one, Talisman of preservation

Saurus Scar-Veteran                    161
Light Armour,Cold one, Great Weapon, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone,Venom of the Firefly.
Saurus Scar-Veteran                    186
Armour of Destiny, BsB, Cold one, Great Weapon.

Saurus Scar-Veteran                    116
Light Armour, Cold one, Great Weapon

Skink Priest                                  105
Cube of Darkness

29x Suarus Warriors                     346
Standard, Musician, Champion.                                                      

11x  Skink Skirmishers                 70
11x Skink Skirmishers                  70
15x Skink Skirmishers                  120
Javelin and Shield

4x Terradons Riders                  120
8x Chameleon Skinks                96
Stegadon                                   235
3x Salamander Hunting Pack      225        Total 2400pts


  1. Think you missed Ryan Simister's list.


  2. Ryans has been updated and who are you NZsheep, Darren?

  3. I thought Pete's list looked remarkably soft and fluffy. Naturally I couldn't believe my eyes - where are the other 650 points??

  4. @Nick
    I was going to make him play without the xtra 600pts. Didn't think you would like that Pete so its been re-added on. Blame it on late night formatting :)

  5. Peter. W

    Heh. Maybe im an idiot but I don't know how to change the google account name

  6. Antonys Ogre list is illegal. Slaughtermaster cannot have armour (mundane or magical) as a ironfist is not a piece of armour

    Basils VC Graveguard unit lists 28 GG, I think its a typo as the points paid are for 38

  7. I've asked for a international call for the access into magical armour since it was brought up and GW have no Faq on this question yet. Basils list is spot on as you haven't added full command, Great weapons and the magical banner onto your total ;)
    There's someone representing you Ugrat on the O&G front mate at this event.

  8. @Ugrat
    3 out of 4 replies have come in and they all agree with me that Characters who have access to mundane armour have access to magical armour. Antony's list is legal until such time as GW faq's it differently.

  9. My bad on basils list. I just looked at the other GG bus on the other list and he had 38 for same amount.

    Yes thats very true about the armour Phil. If a character can choose a mundane armour option, then he can take magical armour.
    However, an ironfist is not armour. It states it acts like a shield, but it dosnt say it is a shield. Its option in the army book lists it as a weapon upgrade, not an armour upgrade.
    "A Butcher may be ARMED with the following..."
    Extra hand weapon, Ironfist etc
    Armour options are listed as a different item. Look at the Tyrant/Bruiser. This is consistent with all other army books.

    Oh yeah and go OnG! No manglers though =(

  10. There's no lore stated for Timothy's empire wizard.