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Australian Masters 2011

Taken most of the information here from the Australian site to promote the 8th annual Warhammer Fantasy Masters in Australia which moves to Canberra the nations Capital for 2011. The Australian Masters have become legendary over the years steeped in history and with a distinguished list of winners containing many of the best table-top miniature players in the country.

The 2011 tournament will be held at Good Games Canberra on the 3rd & 4th of December. As in previous years the Masters will bring together the top 16 tournament players from Australia and New Zealand for two days of competitive gaming. The invitations for the Masters for 2011 are as follows:

Adam Gooley - ACT
Ranking Invite (15)
Adam has had solid results all year with his 5th at Cancon this year as his best ranking points result (rpr). With his use of a wide spread of armies at tournaments this year should help his chances in the sealed section.

Adam Wonderley - NSW
Ranking Invite (11)
ETC 2010 – Australia Captain
This years Australian ETC Captain has had a blistering start to the year with his 1st at Leviathon netting him 94rpr. This linked to his results at the ETC pushing wood Elves into top spot for points per game and we have one tough competitor. He will be looking to go one place better than last years 2nd

Akhter Khan - Singapore
Ranking Invite (2)
Vampire Icon
ETC 2010 - Australia
The Number 2 seed and former chairman of the IBAC has had commanding results with a 1st at pilgrimage but his 2nd at dogcon gave him his most rpr of 94.80. He has little to fear in this tournament as Buffy is not in attendance. However the sealed section might give Akhter von Khanstine a bit of trouble.

Anthony Spiers - ACT
Ranking Invite (1)
ETC 2009 - England
The Number 1 seed. Having placed first in 3/5 tournaments this year (with 2 3rds) Anthony charged into the number one spot in his first year on the Australian circuit. Coming first at Dogcon gave him a cool 97 rpr. Will this be the first tournament where he dose not get a podium or will he continue on form, only time will tell.

Benjamin Leopold - VIC
Ranking Invite (3)
Skaven Icon
The top ranked of the Victorians, who are out in force this year, being the state with the most master players. Ben’s Skaven have gnawed, chewed and scratched there way to victory time and time again. His 1st at Rumble in the Bronx (91 rpr) being there most impressive result.

Chris Cousens - VIC
Ranking Invite (5)
ETC 2010 - NZ
Having come back from England last year Chris has once again proved his command of warhammer armies with a 1st at Cancon (96 rpr) as well as another 1st at Status bellum. He used a number of armies this year and so this should also help in the sealed section.

Chris Willcox - QLD
Ranking Invite (7)
Lizardman Icon
ETC 2010 - NZ
ETC 2011 – NZ
Castle grey skull is back! This tough competitor won the Auscon Ironman and Summer Legends however his 4th at Dogcon earned him hi most rpr (90.39). with his experience with other amies and his natural play style Chris wont be giving away many points in the sealed section.

Greg Johnson - VIC
Ranking Invite (10)
Solid results with Greg’s empire landed him a Masters invite. Having played many different armies throughout the years the sealed section should not pose much threat to his overall result.

Haig McLisky - QLD
Ranking Invite (4)
Empire Icon
Haig is on fire! He has won 5 tournaments in a row! Securing him the best Empire icon. With his 1st at Ork-toberfest using Orc & Goblins showing he can use different armies, all of QLD will be hoping for to Haig make it 6/6. He will be one to watch.

Mal Patel - NZ
Ranking Invite (1 NZ)
ETC 2011- NZ
Lizardmen Icon (NZ)
With 5 1st in NZ tournament and an ETC appearance this year, Mal Patel will bring strong competition this year. However it will also give the Aus boys a chance for some little payback after the very, very, minor, slim loss at the ETC.

Matt Willis - NSW
Ranking Invite (9)
Dark Elves Icon
ETC 2011 - Australia
At last years Masters Matt placed 7 he will be looking to place higher this year. With a 1st at Clash and a 2nd at MOAB he has secured a spot in this years Masters. He also played at the ETC and doing an outstanding job, he will be a tough one to beat. But dose he have the experience with other armies need to be this years master?

Nick Hoen – VIC
Warriors of Chaos Icon
Ranking Invite (13)
The Warrior for the south Nick has done constantly well this year with a 1st at Axemaster being his best rpr @93. However it was his first at Outpost onslaught (66.80rpr) which landed him into the masters in the final hours. A competitor from last years Masters he will be looking to go better than last years 8th.

Peter Spiller – VIC
High Elves Icon
Ranking Invite (14)
Peter has been having good results with his high elves consistently making it into the top 10. with his 7th at Book of grudges (85.22 rpr) being one of his highlights. After coming 14 at last years Masters Peter will be really pushing to make it into the top 10 as to avoid back to back last place also to stop “The Byron den Hollander” being renamed to ‘The Spiller”

Rowan Keating - NSW
Ranking Invite (12)
Rowan “The Bridesmaid” Keating Sercured his spot in the masters with 3 2nd places. The best of which was at Cancon (93.66rpr) he has shown great talent with a multitude of armies so he should not trip up in the sealed section. Will he stick with the 2nds or finish up first?

Simon Turner - NSW
Ranking Invite (5)
Beastmen Icon
Simon Hit his stride this year with a 1st at Vigilance and a2 3rds. His Beastmen have been an unwelcome sight for those at the top tables wishing for an easy game. It is uncertain how he will fair in the sealed section, having only played with Beastmen at a Tournament level if he can get through unscaved he will be in with more than a shot.

Yordan Petrovski - WA
Winner of the WestGamer Ultimate
The real wild Card Isolated over in Western Australia. Achieved good results in the qualifies for WestGamer Ultimate. He came 2nd last year at the WestGamer Ultimate but this year has taken it out the top spot. Will we see the first WA Master? Can the West over power the East?

One thing is for sure it will be a hard battle to be crowned this years Master

*Thanks to the Australian Masters site for the article.

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