Saturday, 19 November 2011

...Meet my Tank

This weekend Battlefront is holding their GT tournament in Mt Eden War Memorial hall, on Dominion Rd. Battlefront are the NZ company who make the World War II 15mm table top game. I've just come from the  tournament and its in full swing and with a bumper crowd of 48 attending the field is chocka full of the top players around the country. There's a real buzz in the hall and I recommend any wargamers around Auckland who have a few minutes to drop by to have a look. The standard of the Armies is exceptional and the Battlefront crew are in full force promoting the game. They are either showing you what can be done with your painting and modelling in the front of the hall or running you through some tutorial games with their fully painted armies on their fantastic terrain boards. The armies competing and the terrain they are playing on are truly inspiring.

Some of the lads at the City Guard club and I are starting up forces to get into the hobby. Matt has almost finished his USSR force and my Americans are slowly on schedule to take him on. After finding a treasure trove of 15mm terrain at the Club I'll be looking forward at bringing out my Tanks for some action against the Rusky horde. So along with a few more FoW beginners I'm sure the roars of tanks and yell of infantry will be heard in the near future. I'll look to post up some of the pictures of the armies when they reach an acceptable standard. Theres plenty of space about so if you're a FoW veteran or just starting out come join us and show us a thing or two. I'll be covering some more articles in the near future with the exploits of 'Tank Guy'.

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